Day 14: Venice

Venice is a cluster of 117 islands which has no roads, save for a section near the causeway. The only way to get around is by boat or on foot.

With prohibitively expensive prices for the waterbus – €7.50 for a single trip, I chose to get around by foot.

And so did many others. The pathways are smooth enough to walk. The only thing which may tire you out are the numerous bridges along the way.

You’ll cross a canal every 5 minutes or less.

A fruit market along my walk.

Part of the Grand Canal.

Another small canal with gondolas ready for service. Care for a ride? It’s €80 for the first 40 minutes, and that’s the daytime price. A more romantic ride at night will set you back €100 for the first 40 minutes.

I continued my self-tour on foot.

Piazza San Marco, or Saint Mark’s Square.

Looking out to San Giorgio Maggiore Island.

More gondolas.

Rialto Market.

Maybe I was too cheap to explore anything that needed to be paid for, but I managed to walk the typical tourist round of Venice in 3 hours. Not the most inspiring city I’ve been to in my life. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay extra for train tickets to here as compared to an immediate interchange at Milan.

I headed back to the railway station area to rest my legs for a while, before I explored Venice’s only rail-based transit system.


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