Day 14: Venice People Mover

The Venice People Mover was opened in 2010 to link the Piazzale Roma, the main square in Venice with transport connections including the bus station and railway station, the Marittima cruise terminal and the Tronchetto parking facility, where long-distance coach services depart from.

There is a flat fare of €1.50 per trip for the Venice People Mover.

The entrance to Piazzale Roma station.

The platform of Piazzale Roma station.

The people mover approaching the station.

The interior of the people mover car. The 4-car train is not walk-through.

The front view of the train.

The route map of the Venice People Mover.

Departing Piazzale Roma.

Approaching Marittima. Do note that at Maritimma, the trains operate on their independent platforms, depending on which side their cable is located. This system is similar to a funicular’s passing loop.

Approaching Tronchetto.

The exterior of Tronchetto station.

The gates allow for a single entry upon scanning of the barcode on the ticket.

Train awaiting departure from Tronchetto.

Approaching Marittima.

Approaching Piazzale Roma.

Arrived back at Piazzale Roma.

At the time of my visit, there were almost no passengers on the people mover system. The peak usage would be probably when there are cruise ships docked or when long-distance coach services arrive or are about to depart. This system does not go anywhere within the actual parts of Venice, but for good reason anyway. The fare of €1.50 for a short 5 minute ride (the whole system is only 853 meters long) seems pretty pricey too, but if you need to get across to Marittima or Tronchetto (they are located on yet another island), this would be the easiest way to get there.


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