Day 15: Paris

Before I started Paris, I had to take a second visit to the Ekiben stall at Paris Gare de Lyon.

This Ekiben pop-up store is operated by JR East and is the only Ekiben store outside of Japan.

But not that I bought anything from here though. 7 pieces of maki or 3 pieces of onigiri would set you back €7 (778 yen), and the most expensive bento set would cost €15 (1668 yen).

The Sacré-Cœur Basilica is located at the highest point of Paris at Montmartre, which offers great views of the city below.

Lots of crowds here too though, even on a weekday morning.

The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile. Just a typical tourist shot.

The Jardins du Trocadéro or Trocadéro Gardens.

The Eiffel Tower. Mandatory tourist shot here.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral.

I didn’t walk too much around Paris as I was pretty tired already after almost a non-stop 15 days of travelling, so I went back to my hostel early. Also, it’s not really safe here. Even though I have only walked around for a few hours, I have already personally encountered 3 popular scams and have witnessed countless more. I couldn’t even keep track of the number of pickpocketing acts I witnessed in a few hours, can you imagine that. Thankfully, I managed my two days in Paris without any harm or loss. I may write a post about these scams in future.

As you might have noticed already, I took a small round around Europe, visiting England, France and Italy first, to see what I wanted to see, and it’s not exactly the fastest nor the most logical way back to Singapore. Which means, if you were planning a journey from London to Singapore, you need not have followed my route since the start of my posts, save for the Eurostar.

From here on, it will be a straight-line journey back to Singapore, so if you are planning a journey yourself, the following posts will be what you will want to look out for. Stay tuned!


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