Day 18: Moscow Monorail

The Moscow Monorail is the only monorail system operating in Russia, and also the only line to be fully elevated. It is ticketed as part of the Moscow Metro, and given the number of Line 13, though the locals simply call it the “monorail”.

Timiryazevskaya station is located 50 meters away from the Moscow Metro station of the same name on Line 9, and is a virtual interchange. Passengers can transfer between the two lines by exiting the first system and enter the other with the same ticket used when entering the system on the first line, as long as the time from first tap in to the next is within 90 minutes.

The station features an island platform, where one side is for arriving passengers only and the other for boarding.

To change directions, the train goes onto a balloon loop after the station to “u-turn” itself back to the opposite platform.

The train approaching the departure platform.

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics as seen from the monorail.

The interior of the monorail car. The train is not of a walkthrough design, so choose your car wisely as you will be stuck with the crowd in it for your journey.

The route map of the line.

2 individual seats are found in the front-most and back-most cars, facing away from the driver’s cab. The driver accesses the cab through the door in between these 2 seats.

Ulitsa Sergeya Eyzenshteyna station is the other end of the line, 4.7km away from Timiryazevskaya.

Vystavochny Tsentr station from the outside. The tram stop is located just beside the station, and the Moscow Metro Line 6 at VDNKh station is a short walk away from here.

The Moscow Monorail is not really for accessing any tourist destinations, in fact none at all, since if you wanted to visit the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, you should get on Line 9 of the Moscow Metro from the city instead. It does, however, give you a glimpse into the daily lives of the locals, away from the city. This is one of the more relaxing ways to see Moscow from a different angle. And since it’s part of the ticketing for the metro, you don’t have to pay extra for trying it out too!


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