Day 21: China Railway from Moscow to Beijing (Trans-Siberian Day 3)

And I’m back in Asia! I probably crossed the border from Europe to Asia at the exact midpoint of my 40-day trip.

This morning, I opted to try the cheaper a la carte items on the menu instead of ordering the breakfast set. I ordered the smoked salmon pancakes (blinis).

It’s not presented in the most gourmet fashion, but it tastes fine. At least there’s no menu surprises this time.

Passing through Siberia.

For lunch, I tried the other set option.

They went out of white bread I think, so they replaced it with rye.

Tomato and cheese salad. It’s literally the same sliced half tomato as yesterday with cheese on top. I’m beginning to think I can make anything a salad just by adding the word “salad” after it.

Chicken noodle soup. It is what it is.

Fruit juice of sorts. Couldn’t really figure out what it is. Could have been pineapple, apple, lemon, orange or a mix of it. Either way, it tasted not too bad.

Beef steak with boiled potatoes. No surprises here either.

Overhead power lines out of nowhere.

Approaching Omsk.

The facade on the platform side of Omsk station.

At every station the train stops at, there are official kiosks along the platform, with the same menu and prices at each one, most likely managed by RZD. Go ahead and grab something from these kiosks, just like local Russians and the many tourists do (that’s almost everyone on the train). They are more affordable than the attached restaurant car.

Captain Mongolia is also very satisfied with the kiosks because it means he gets to have ice cream.

The afternoon sun along the journey. Don’t be fooled by the brightness of the sun though, temperatures may still run low, so remember to still seek shelter from time to time or else you may still end up sunburnt.

Some houses with presumably private plantations along the way.

The first sunset in Asia for this trip.


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