Day 40: SMRT Buses & SMRT Trains from Woodlands CIQ to Home

The railway trip may have ended with the Shuttle Tebrau, but it wasn’t my last train journey yet. Here’s the final leg of my trip back home.

Service 913 to shuttle me from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to Woodlands MRT. There was an earlier 912 but I didn’t take it. More details here.

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz O405G (Volgren). Got the front sideways seat in the rear cabin as there was more space for my bags. Not my favourite seat on a bus though.

Transferring to the North South Line at Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange.

Back to the MRT system, with the closed Woodlands Regional Bus Interchange in darkness downstairs.

Waiting for my train.

Finally arriving after a few minutes wait.

The interior of the KHI EMU. All seats in the middle of all carriages in the KHIs are removed. And since all the remaining seats were taken up, I had to stand all the way to Bishan. Oh well.

Transferring to the Circle Line at Bishan.

The actual final train I took from London to Singapore – the Alstom Metropolis on the Circle Line.

From my destination station, I continued by bus for the final leg of my journey.

Ending the journey at an MRT station did feel a little strange though. Stay tuned for the epilogue.


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