RapidKL Service T773: Ara Damansara LRT to Subang Airport by Bus

With the opening of the Kelana Jaya Line extension to Putra Heights, it is now easier to get to Subang Airport via KJ26 Ara Damansara LRT Station.

BusTravel Station Redirect 02 620

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6 thoughts on “RapidKL Service T773: Ara Damansara LRT to Subang Airport by Bus

  1. Ram Singh Randhawa says:

    Thank you very much for your information. It was helpful.
    I would like to add on a little bit more for the benefit of others like me.
    The part until where you get out from the LRT station was helpful.
    Once you are on ground level facing the main road, there is stairs and escalator (tho it wasn’t working) going down to level B1 where RapidKL bus (#T773) takes you to Subang Airport.
    I came to understand this bus isn’t frequent and it takes a longer route.
    A better alternative is to go back to ground level and take the pedestrian bridge across the main road. There is a bus station there and take RapidKL bus #772. It takes you to Subang Airport in 10 minutes. I had to wait like 15 minutes for the bus.
    I hope this info will be helpful to others.


  2. Nur Alia says:

    Wow. It is really helpful. This is my first time to ride the bus heading to Subang Airport. Actually I always use Uber, but since I tried to find out another way (save money) to go there so I want to use bus. From this sharing, you help me a lot. Pray for my safe road and flight 😊


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