Getting from Johor Bahru to Woodlands, Singapore After Midnight


Crossing from Johor Bahru to Singapore after the last bus has departed is a last resort, but not an impossible task at hand. And with KTM’s awesome timetabling skills which has the evening train from Gemas arriving into JB Sentral at 1.10am, this may become a new necessity. Below is a guide on the possible options you may have.

Click here for border crossing options during the day (5.30am – 12.30am).

Last Bus Timings departing from Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex (Johor Bahru):

Bus Service Destination Weekday Weekend
160 Jurong East Int 12.38am 12.35am
170 Queen St Ter (Bugis) 12.30am 12.30am
170X Kranji MRT Stn 12.00am 12.00am
950 Woodlands Int 12.00am 12.00am
AC7 Yishun Int 11.30pm 11.30pm
CW1 Kranji MRT Stn 11.30pm 11.30pm
CW2 Queen St Ter (Bugis) 11.00pm 11.00pm
CW5 Newton Circus 10.30pm 10.30pm
SJE Queen St Ter (Bugis) 11.30pm 11.30pm
TS1 Changi Arport 9.15pm 9.15pm
TS8 Resorts World Sentosa 10.00pm 10.00pm

Option 1: Express Bus

Picture for illustration only.

Hop on a waiting express bus from other long-distance destinations. Express buses departing from cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh or Penang in the late afternoon or evening may cross the checkpoint past 1am. Express buses usually terminate at Golden Mile near the Bugis and Lavender area if you want a ride to the city, but if you only need to cross the border to Woodlands where you can board a taxi later on, there’s no reason not to take it, considering there’s no more public transport available.

Availability: Depending on the willingness of the driver
Fare: Discuss with driver

Option 2: Bas Kilang

Bas Kilang 01.jpg

The humble Bas Kilang ferries Malaysian workers across to Singapore for work daily, and some may depart in the middle of the night in order to match graveyard shifts of the workers. These distinct blue buses, if they decide to fetch you, will only take you to Woodlands Checkpoint as individual buses will head off to their own specific destination. You should also expect all the workers who have paid for this service to board the bus before the driver allows anyone else to hitch a ride.

Board the bus with the desperate shoving crowd and pay RM2 directly to the driver when alighting.

Pro-tip: I know you are thinking that the side of the bus reads as “Bas Pekerja”. No one really calls it that way except the person who painted the words on and probably Singaporeans. Call it “Bas Kilang” when you are hitching a ride to sound like you’re a seasoned traveller.

Availability: Depending on the willingness of the driver
Fare: RM2

Option 3: Walk

It may be technically not allowed to walk across the Causeway with the opening of the Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex but people do it on a daily basis and you can find a pedestrian on the bridge at any second of the day. The only problem is that there’s no proper pavement to walk on from the viaduct of Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex to the bridge itself. But no worries, all you have to do is cross the road to the opposing side and walk in the opposing direction of the vehicles heading for Johor Bahru. You will then reach the pavement on the Johor-Singapore Causeway (eastward, away from the railway tracks), which will be easy enough to walk on. There is an entrance to Woodlands Checkpoint from this pavement.

Availability: Always
Fare: Free – or you could buy a hoverboard or e-scooter like the many people who use this method during peak hours

Option 4: Stay overnight in JB

Why not take out the risks and stresses of midnight border crossings and just stay in JB? Hotels are comparatively more affordable than in Singapore and you’ll have the whole day to decide when you wish to cross back to Singapore.

Availability: Search here for Johor Bahru hotels with Agoda

After your hotel stay, click here for border crossing options during the day (5.30am – 12.30am).

This guide should only be used in desperate situations, and does not equate to a travel idea, recommendation, support or endorsement of any kind by RailTravel Station. You should be aware that the bus options listed here are non-ticketed, and therefore if there are any mishaps, you will definitely not be covered by insurance or any other forms of liability as you are not a legal passenger.


KTM Train Ticket Booking Methods

Tickets are open for sale 180 days before departure except for the Shuttle Tebrau which opens 30 days before departure.

Hotel Booking

Attractions Booking

How do I book tickets online?

Links to the KTM E-Ticket System are strikethroughed due to KTM’s own admission of the instability of their system here after Prime Minister Najib Razak personally posted on Facebook that there is such an issue here. Proceed using the KTM E-Ticket System at your own risk.


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