Qistna Express: Truly the Bus Ride from Hell

Qistna Express is the estranged sister company of Starmart, which can possibly stay afloat in the long-run only due to the success of the said parent company. Even with all the negative comments online and bad press, I tried it for myself anyway – and learnt that online reviews are pretty accurate.

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9 thoughts on “Qistna Express: Truly the Bus Ride from Hell

  1. Inna says:

    I totally agree with the wroter. I had terrible experience communicating with the qistna counter staff located in terminal larkin johor this early april 2017. I was just asking on the availability of the ticket whether from online or on site..and the lady in charge replied to me in a such a rude way .I asked twice to reconfirm since I was told no ticket available by asking whether in the online system is it fully booked She harshly asked me back “Apa yang awak maksudkan dengan cek dalam sistem tiket da habis? ” in english translation ” what do you mean by asking whether the ticket in system has been sold out”?. I am puzzled with her harsh tone and voice.Why couldn’t she reply as simple as ‘ I am sorry maam ,all of our ticket has been sold out’. Rather than getting pissed of and make other pissed off as well. So please consider and best of all..never ever consider taking their poor service from counter to the ride.

  2. Richard says:

    We had a shocking experience with Qistna from TBS to Singapore.
    First stop in JB Larkin , all passengers were waited for a different driver to come then forced to change from Qistna Express bus to a mini van that fit for 15 passengers, Kumar the driver came late, he then droved all passengers to JB custom and arranged us all travelled with JB Singapore Express bus to Singapore!
    We changed 3 buses in total !!
    Time wasted with lots of confusion and frustrations, bad communication within drivers and the company, everyone was in shocked!
    From 10.30 am and we finally arrived in Singapore about 7 pm. What a joke!
    No more Qistna VIP Express and it was a shocking and painful experience for all local and international passengers…

  3. Abhishek Ganjoo says:

    Shitty service. The bus arrived 45 minutes late and there is no organization or proper communication between the drivers, operators, customers. This creates a hell of a chaos makes the customer lose time and patience. The company does’t care about the customer’s experience and the feedback

    • V says:

      dude at least your bus came, we waited for HOURS and the bus didnt even come… we paid thru our noses to fly back to singapore

  4. Grace says:

    Please next time do not include this bus in your list

    A very terrible bus company.

    The bus that is supposed to leave at 12:15pm was moved 12:30pm, then after waiting moved to 1:30pm after that still have not arrived and moved to 2:30pm and 3:30pm until.the bus finally came at 4pm!!!

    When we reached and cleared at Malaysian immigration at Tuas we have waited another 30mins before it left and the driver announced that he need to go back to Larkin to top up petrol.

    Seriously? What joke is this.

    Now is 7:15 and I am still on my way to

  5. Lim Poh Yee says:

    It’s worst experience to take Qistna!!
    Car broke down half way @ highway and waited 3 hours under hot sun.
    Don’t take this company bus for chance, or else Suffer for no reason!!

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