Day 4: KA KRD Kertosono from Surabaya Kota to Surabaya Gubeng

The intra-city transport in Surabaya isn’t as efficient as many other cities in Indonesia, with the only means of public transport being the bemos. I could always have Uber-ed, Grab-ed or taxied back to my hotel, but where’s the fun in that?

And since I already came here by train, it’s only logical in my sense that I got another train back.

The KRD Kertosono is the last train of the day departing from Surabaya Kota.

A flat fare of Rp10,000 applies for the KRD Kertosono irregardless of distance travelled.

I wanted to walk to the front of the train to get a shot of the locomotive but the platforms were too short.

Contrary to its name, the KRD Kertosono is not operated by a KRD but rather the usual consist of Ekonomi Subsidi (3+2) coaches hauled by a locomotive.

Boarding the KRD Kertosono at Surabaya Kota.

The interior of the Ekonomi Class coaches in a 3+2 formation. Each coach seats 106 passengers.

However, I decided to seat myself in the KP3 or Kereta Pembangkit Kelas Ekonomi, a mixed coach consisting of the generator providing the power to the entire train plus the seating area. This coach is not in the ticketing system and as such provides additional seats for those who are able to secure standing tickets only, like me.

All locomotive-hauled coaches now operate with air-conditioning, no matter whether it’s originally installed in the newer batches or upgraded from non-air-conditioned with the multi-split type, irregardless whether the fare is subsidized or not.

Inside the toilet of the Ekonomi Class coaches.

Alighting from the KRD Kertosono where most passengers would be starting their journey from. I chose the last coach of the train as it is closer to the exit of the station too, and the locomotive may also still not be visible at Surabaya Gubeng since it might still have exceeded the platform in order to compensate for the length of the train.

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