Day 5: KA Rapih Dhoho from Kertosono to Surabaya Gubeng

As quickly as I arrived, it was time to head back.

The ticket counter at Kertosono is outside of the station waiting hall.

The arrival of the KA Sri Tanjung at Kertosono.

Both opposing Rapih Dhohos at Kertosono, with my initial train towards Blitar about to depart.

An oil tanker train arriving before the Sri Tanjung departs.

CC 201 77 12 taking the Rapih Dhoho towards Surabaya Gubeng and Surabaya Kota.

Since the other coaches were full, I decided to check out the Kereta Makan Pembangkit in the middle of the train. Doesn’t really feel confortable to stand here for the next 4 hours or so.

Departing Kertosono and the junction towards Blitar.

In the end, I found a spot outside the toilet to sit.

Before I realised I had to get up and down every 10 minutes or so to open the doors for the other passengers who want to board at every station.

In the end, I moved to the Kereta Makan Pembangkit to stand after Mojokerto since I was tired of standing up and down on the floor which is getting dirtier with every toilet visit. At least there was the counter to lean on. No pictures because it got really crammed inside.

The situation at the borders and gangway.

The interior of the coach isn’t that feasible to stand too.

106 passengers per coach, but I’m pretty sure that there were more than this number.

The route map of the Penataran/Dhoho.

Arrived at Surabaya Gubeng where most passengers alight. Surprisingly though, I still enjoyed this ride even though the experience was far from first class.

Next post: Day 5-6: KA Mutiara Timur Malam from Surabaya Gubeng to Banyuwangi Baru (and onwards to Denpasar)


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