Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station Shower Room

Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong Railway Station is a convenient rail hub with sufficient amenities for the comfort of all travellers. That includes operating a very important Shower Room for passengers who wish to freshen up before or after a train journey, or if you’d just like to take a shower in Bangkok.

The Hua Lamphong Railway Station Shower Room is located in the main terminal building just before Platform 3.

A shower here costs only 10 Baht (~$0.41/~RM1.23). Additional amenities such as towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and powder can be purchased from the attendant as well.

Like a normal toilet, urinals are provided in the Shower Room.

Two regular toilet cubicles are also available.

There are 4 shower cubicles in the Shower Room.

The shower cubicle is rather spacious.

While you have to hold the shower head all the way throughout the shower, the fantastic water pressure makes up for it. It’s a simple cold water shower, but it’s great with Bangkok’s afternoon weather.

A proper clothes bar is also fixed in the shower cubicle rather than just a simple hook.

Overall, the shower was great after a full day walking around Bangkok before boarding the overnight train. The cubicles were big enough so that despite having to put my bag on the floor at the door end, it never did get wet since the “splash zone” didn’t reach that far within the cubicle. It was a lot easier to hang my clothes on the clothes bar too, rather than balancing it all on just one hook in many other station shower rooms.

At just 10 Baht (~$0.41/~RM1.23), this might be the best shower deal in the world.

BONUS: Where to buy cheap towels and toiletries in Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station

On the other side of the waiting hall near the entrance, there’s a convenience store called Tiffy Mart which sells everything you need and more for a train journey.

As I had extra soap which I took from my hotel room, that problem was settled easily. However, the Shower Room sold towels for 50 Baht (~$2.07/~RM6.16).

In Tiffy Mart, a small square towel costs just 20 Baht (~$0.83/~RM2.47).

If you need a bigger towel, it costs 50 Baht (~$2.07/~RM6.16). This would be the same size as the ones sold at the Shower Room.

If you require any other products for your shower, I’m pretty sure they have it in stock here too.


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