Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus: Kota Kinabalu International Airport to Centre Point and Padang Merdeka by Express Bus

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus is the only bus service serving Kota Kinabalu International Airport directly. Before the existence of this bus service, choices were limited to either renting a car, getting an expensive taxi or to walk out of the airport and catch an irregular passing public bus. With the Airport Bus now a main staple in the airport, getting to KK town is easy, straightforward and cheap.

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The new timetable of the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus. Buses run on average at 45 minutes frequency at most times throughout the day.

My ticket for the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus. Tickets cost RM5 (~S$1.66) per person. The counter staff will write the departure time and your alighting stop on the ticket.

The counter is located outside the Arrival Hall.

The bus will be parked at the driveway, just outside the door adjacent to the ticket counter.

If the bus isn’t here yet, just look out for the Pick Up Point sign with a picture of the bus, and wait there.

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus is operated by Luen Thung Transport, also officially known as The Luen Thung Tanjong Aru Transport Company Sdn. Bhd., a pretty long-standing bus company in Malaysia.

The pick up point will be at the front end of the driveway.

The interior of the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus.

Seats on this midibus can be reclined, however, they are slimmer than typical 2+2 bus seats.

The view of the bus from my seat.

Before departure, the staff requested everyone to change buses, for whatever reason. So here’s a shot of the empty bus interior.

Departing from KKIA at 2.45pm on the replacement bus.

Coasting along Jalan Kepayan parallel to the airport runway to the city.

With Terminal 2 (LCCT) no longer in operation, the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus takes the flyover to Coastal Road.

The view of the South China Sea along Jalan Coastal.

Passing by Sutera Harbour.

Passing by Imago KK Times Square.

Passing by the rather underused KK Sentral, built on the site of the former Wawasan Terminal. The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus does not stop at KK Sentral, neither do other public buses, so I’m not sure what this terminal is for too.

First stop: Centre Point Sabah

Most of the passengers alighted here at this shopping mall, as this is closest to the main part of the city. The journey from KKIA to here took about 15 minutes.

Entering City Park.

Second stop: Shell Petrol Station at City Park

You can drop here for the inland hotels in the city, or to connect to other southbound long-distance buses departing from the City Park Terminal here.

Turning into Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal.

Last stop: Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal

The journey from KKIA to here took about 25 minutes.

The interior of the replacement bus.

The Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus is parked at the eastern end of the Padang Merdeka Bus Terminal, with long-distance buses to the interior and northern part of Sabah parked just ahead on the same row. Tickets back to the airport can be purchased at the ticket counter.

Overall, the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus offers a cheap and efficient way to get to Kota Kinabalu city centre from the airport. With KK city being pretty compact, even with the minimal three stops in the city, it would most likely serve near or at where you would want to get to. If you’re not in a rush to get to the city, the Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus would be the best option to get to town.


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    I always go to Kota Kinabalu but have always taken taxi or Grab to town center. Will definitely try out the bus route for something new. Thanks for the info. Azraee Mamat

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