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As the situation of Railpage and other infrequent websites copying all content produced by RailTravel Station is not improving, affecting website traffic with visitor numbers steadily decreasing every day since about and Google marking some RailTravel Station results as spam (ie. duplicate content) despite me being the original content creator, it is with a heavy heart that RailTravel Station has to suspend blogging for an indefinite period of time with immediate effect until a resolution may potentially be solved through a new server where I am able to block scrapers or a totally new method of sharing information.

Currently, it is pointless for RailTravel Station to continue blogging as new posts are treated as internet junk, almost never to be surfaced on Google results. As such, page views go to 0 after just 3 days of sharing it on RailTravel Station’s Facebook Page, the only place where I can get views, making it useless to spend time and effort to research on the journey, type it out so that it’s easily understood for most people, and to add to the insult, have it stolen by another website, destroying any SEO hopes or result appearances for that matter.

Meanwhile, other aspects of RailTravel Station such as Facebook updates and guest blogging on other websites are not affected. You may also follow Baolau’s blog where I am currently updating on railways around ASEAN and the efficient booking methods through them.

However, valuable information that I have lined up for you will unfortunately not be available until this indefinite blogging suspension is lifted. These include:

  • Myanmar: Yangon Circular Railway
    • currently no in-depth information found on the internet
  • Indonesia: KRDE Minangkabau Express October 2018 Update
  • Indonesia: KA Sibinuang October 2018 Update
  • Indonesia: Railbus Lembah Anai Journey Experience
    • currently not found on the internet
  • Indonesia: Soekarno-Hatta Railink October 2018 Update
  • Indonesia: Argo Bromo Anggrek Luxury Product Update and Journey Experience
  • Indonesia: KCI Commuter Line Cikarang Line Journey Experience
  • Malaysia: ETS Gold + KTM Komuter Northern Sector KL Sentral to Butterworth via Padang Rengas Journey Experience
  • Malaysia: Overnighting at klia2’s Transit Area
  • Indonesia: KRDI Sri Lelawangsa Journey Experience
    • currently not found on the internet
  • Indonesia: KA Putri Deli Journey Experience
    • currently not found on the internet
  • Malaysia: North Borneo Railway Steam Train Journey Experience
  • England: Heathrow Airport Trains
  • England: Elizabeth Line
  • England: Great Western Railway (London – Oxford)
  • England: Megatrain*
    • *to be confirmed
  • England: Sheffield Tram-Train*
    • *to be confirmed

I am just a small individual in the big internet world with a humble website sharing information for free to everyone that I have sourced with my own effort, especially those that cannot be found anywhere on the internet yet. Be it existing information taken for granted such as ETS seating plans or future information on Sumatran railways not yet found anywhere on the internet or certain experiences that can only be known when you’re in a certain situation, everything is sourced by myself and scribbled onto paper on the spot if necessary before “translating” it into something simple enough for the masses.

Maybe it’s time for me to actually go back to my own travels to unique railways by myself again, without the fun stresses of making sure I snap every good shot about something potentially important such as during boarding processes or every single piece of paper that I need to use for a journey to share it with everyone once I get back from the trip. Sounds selfish, but in a way, I actually do regret a little on posting such valuable information as ETS seating plans, now that I can’t even get myself a nice forward-facing seat more than a month away from my travel date now. Maybe I should keep rare and useful information to myself, like how it was done before I started RailTravel Station? Hmm…

As an unknown non-influential individual, it is very difficult for me to take on websites in other who is out to undermine copyright without incurring significant costs on my end, especially when it involves another country’s laws. Nevertheless, I am looking at my options for any legal recourse or other potential resolution to all my stolen content.

To all my readers who have been with me, especially since Day 1 more than 4 years ago when I started RailTravel Station on 1 July 2014, thank you for your unwavering support throughout these years. Even just by browsing the website casually, you have assured me that at least someone out there is reading whatever I have typed out. RailTravel Station wouldn’t be what it is today without you – a valuable site with content (unfortunately) worthy of being copied by other websites. Unfortunately in this case, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.

To Michael Greenhill and Brian Evans of Railpage, and other non-frequent re-posters on other blogs, congratulations. Congratulations for your success in destroying a humble one-man-operated website and depriving real information to reach out to the masses, since Google would flag all of us as spam with everyone having the same duplicate content. I hope you sleep well at night knowing that the website that you have ripped off will no longer be able to function as per normal from now on through your selfish and thieving means, wasting all effort in piecing content together just for you to rip it off and destroy all credibility of it.

And who are we kidding, this post is probably going to be copied onto your website as usual, considering that my posts on your plagiarism here and here are also ironically copied to your site Railpage. I hope you’re happy gloating about your “success” of a website with no original content and almost if not all of the articles are happily re-posted from other sources. Happy scraping.



5 thoughts on “Suspension of RailTravel Station Blog

  1. DerpyPoint says:

    So sad to see you are taking a break for now. Been lurking on this blog for a while and it has helped kindle a trainspotting interest around ASEAN and beyond. Really hope your plagiarism issue gets resolved, very low of Railpage to pretend nothing is happening.

  2. Blocky Studios says:

    Sad that u are suspending yr blog. Been browsing yr website for quite a while and I enjoy reading your blogs. Really hope u can resume yr blog soon… It’s upsetting that Railpage denied that they plagiarised yr blogs. Michael Greenhill (Owner of Railpage) would surely get damned to hell for the s**t he caused to you.

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