Shuttle JB Sentral – Gemas

Not to be confused with the

Shuttle (JB Sentral – Gemas)

series of trains

effective 1 Feb 2017.

BSC 01

The Shuttle JB Sentral – Gemas was a daily local service between JB Sentral and Gemas, stopping at all stations along the route. The train was formed of 3 ex-JR West 14 Series Blue Train seating coaches donated by the Japanese Government which operated for Rapid Moonlight Kochi, Rapid Moonlight Matsuyama, Rapid Moonlight Kyushu and Resort & Spur, though it is more simply but inaccurately known in Malaysia as “Fuji Hayabusa”. It was part of the now-defunct Malayan Tiger Train which plied between JB Sentral and Tumpat.

The Shuttle JB Sentral – Gemas has been replaced by the Ekspres Selatan from 19 May 2016.

Route Map

TRAINS1M Shuttle 61 62
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BSC Interior 01
BSC Interior 02
BSC Interior 03
Superior Class (BSC)

Journey Experiences


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