RailTravel Services


Due to increasing demand of rail travel (yay!) and literal increasing demand of me giving perfect detailed advice (nay.), I have come up with an almost-perfect solution for this.

Introducing RailTravel Services where you can ask me almost any question without getting ignored* for your upcoming trip right up to the minute detail of whether how much window you are getting versus your neighbour in the row ahead, which door or coach is closest to the station exit and even how much toilet paper and if paper towels are provided in each washroom (if you really wanted to know)!

*so far as is reasonably practicable.

ASC INKA Interior 01

On top of just asking questions, I’ll even do your booking for you and get you the best available seat at the time of booking. Want a seat with a full window, facing forward, near the middle of the coach, near the washroom and far away from the cafe? No need to stress yourself out with (the lack of) self-help information available online now!

In summary, RailTravel Services offers you:

✓ Unlimited personal trip queries*
✓ Travel advice*
✓ Ticket booking services
✓ Your choice of preferred seats or my best advised available seats
✓ Satisfaction in knowing that you are helping to support this website

*Expires 24 hours after completion of trip.

RailTravel Services is offered at a starting price of S$15 or RM50 per booking per journey. That means whether you are a solo traveller, couple or a group of 10, you still pay the same price.

Payment is made through PayPal. Price does not include the ticket price which needs to be paid before booking.

A booking is constituted of one (1) journey including compulsory transfers.

Examples of one (1) journey

  • KL Sentral – Butterworth
  • KL Sentral – Padang Besar
  • JB Sentral – KL Sentral (even with transfer at Gemas)
  • JB Sentral – Butterworth

Examples of more than one (1) journey

  • JB Sentral – KL Sentral on one Ekspres Selatan – ETS combination; KL Sentral – Butterworth on another ETS (not compulsory transfer)
  • KL Sentral – Ipoh on one ETS and Ipoh – Padang Besar on another ETS (not compulsory transfer)
  • JB Sentral – KL Sentral – JB Sentral (return journey)

RailTravel Services will NOT accept bookings for:

because there’s no way to pre-book these tickets.

RailTravel Services is most useful for KTM Berhad train services, though I won’t stop you if you do enquire for other train companies (though I can’t promise I can give you the best information). For more clarification, comment or use the form below.

To get started with RailTravel Services, please fill out the form below to further discuss, and I thank you in advance to support the upkeep of this website!

RailTravel Services (S$15 or RM50 per booking per journey)

Please DO NOT use this form for general enquiries. Please click here instead to use this other form.

I will endeavour to provide the best information to you, but in the event that you are not satisfied with the answer, whether you think that my information is not reliable for whatever reason or that you are dissatisfied with the answer itself because it is not available or to your liking (for example first class ETS compartments from KL Sentral to Bangkok or Nasi Lemak on the Shuttle Tebrau), RailTravel Station bears no liability. I also bear no liability when the actual train service gets cancelled or something awry happens as I do not run the train. The S$15 service fee for RailTravel Services is non-refundable regardless of circumstances.

All prices with regards to RailTravel Services will be in Singapore Dollars (hereby stated as Singapore Dollars, Sing Dollars, SGD, S$, $ or any other logical variations), unless otherwise stated. Any disputes and legal issues with regards to services provided under RailTravel Services and by RailTravel Station will be held under the Courts of the Republic of Singapore.


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