Shuttle 84up: Wakaf Bharu to Tumpat by Local Train (20 December 2011)

Shuttle 84up from Wakaf Bharu to Tumpat

Shuttle 84up was a local shuttle train plying on the KTM East Coast Line. As there was still about a 2-hour wait in Wakaf Bharu Railway Station before the scheduled departure of Senandung Wau 29dn, I was given an option to board Shuttle 84up from Wakaf Bharu to Tumpat and start my journey to KL Sentral from Tumpat instead.

More trains = more fun so I took that option without needing to consider anything.

YDM 6614 heads the Shuttle 84up from Gua Musang to Tumpat.

Departing from Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

Departing from Wakaf Bharu Railway Station passing the gate crossing, with Malayan Tiger Train banners hung on it.

A relaxing rural view is offered on the sector between Wakaf Bharu and Tumpat.

Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt

Making a brief stop at Kampung Kok Pasir Railway Halt to alight some local passengers.

Arriving at Tumpat Railway Station

Passing by the home signal with an amber signal, owing to the end of line ahead.

Passing by the Tumpat Yard on approach to Tumpat Railway Station.

This journey on Shuttle 84up is very significant for me as this marks the first time I visited Tumpat, the first time I’ve taken a Shuttle train on the East Coast Line, and finally reached the end of the East Coast Line.

Here, I watched some shunting before it was time to depart again by Senandung Wau 29dn. Time flies when you’re having fun trainspotting at Tumpat.

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