Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train

The Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train is a very popular mode of transport between the Malaysia border town of Padang Besar to Hat Yai, the largest city of Songkhla Province, Thailand. The shuttle train between Padang Besar and Hat Yai commenced on 22 December 2015. It operates a return leg from Hat Yai twice daily, which connects to ETS and Komuter services from Padang Besar, in addition to the existing Special Express 45/46 (International Express) service.

If the departure timings do not suit you, try the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Bus / Minivan.

Route Map

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Rolling Stock

Sprinter 4 Car 02
BREL Class 158/T Sprinter DMU (DRC)


Sprinter Interior 01.JPG
Sprinter Interior 02.JPG
BREL Class 158/T Sprinter DMU (DRC)

Thailand SIM Card Purchase on board Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train (Express 948 only)

Jai SIM Card EXP 948 01.JPG
Jai SIM Card EXP 948 03

dtac Happy Tourist SIM Cards are available for purchase on board the Express 948 Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train (morning departure at 9.55am from Padang Besar to Hat Yai). While they typically cost 299 Baht when purchased directly from dtac or other resellers, Jai (or Ah Chai) sells these dtac Happy Tourist SIM Cards at a special price of only 260 Baht. Jai will also happily configure your phone settings for you and makes sure you have your internet before moving on to the next customer. HINT: Further discounts may be given if you are purchasing these SIM cards in a group when you speak politely to Jai and flash him your biggest smile.

The dtac Happy Tourist SIM Card entitles you to 8 days of unlimited 3G/4G Internet (speed will be throttled after 2.5 GB of usage), free 100 Baht worth of call credit and a special international call rate via 00400. The 100 Baht credit can also be used to buy more 3G/4G Internet when you download the dtac app.

This is a hassle-free at-seat SIM card purchasing service which I think offers the most convenient way to buy a SIM card in Thailand. In my opinion, the dtac Happy Tourist SIM Card is especially useful and offers one of the best value when you are spending 3 to 8 days in Thailand. It is also, in my opinion, the most reliable telco along the railway lines in Thailand. RailTravel Station does not receive any form of commission from this recommendation.

Singapore to Bangkok by Train

Singapore to Bangkok by Train
Click here for details.


Southbound EXP 947 EXP 949
Hat Yai Junction 0730 1305
Khlong Ngae 0757 1331
Padang Besar (Thai) 0820 1355
Padang Besar 0925 (MY) 1500 (MY)
Northbound EXP 948 EXP 950
Padang Besar 0955 (MY) 1540 (MY)
Padang Besar (Thai) 0900 1445
Khlong Ngae 0924 1510
Hat Yai Junction 0950 1535

Timetable from SRT’s Website

Please search here.

If the departure timings do not suit you, try the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Bus / Minivan.


70 Baht

Fares from SRT’s website

Please search here.

Journey Experiences

Booking Methods

  • SRT counters at Padang Besar, Padang Besar (Thai), Khlong Ngae and Hat Yai Junction only.

Tickets are open for sale on the day of departure only.

How do I book Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train tickets online?

You cannot book Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train tickets online.

How do I book Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train tickets from Padang Besar, Malaysia?

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) office is located at Padang Besar station’s Platform 2, on the side which is closer to the north (ie. Thailand). The counter to purchase tickets is located within the SRT office, on a dedicated side desk. Tickets for the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train are only sold on the day of departure.

How do I book Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train tickets from Hat Yai?

Tickets for the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train are only sold on the day of departure. Get your tickets at the counters for immediate travel (“Tickets For Travel Today”).

Can I use Touch ‘n Go for the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train?


How do I travel from Hat Yai to Butterworth?

Change to the KTM Komuter Northern Sector at Padang Besar.

How much is a ticket from Hat Yai to Butterworth?

There is no through ticket from Hat Yai to Butterworth. Buy a ticket at Hat Yai for the train to Padang Besar, then buy the KTM Komuter Northern Sector at Padang Besar. Tickets for the Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train cost 70 Baht. See the KTM Komuter Northern Sector page for KTM Komuter Northern Sector fares.

Must I only travel from Padang Besar to Butterworth? Can I travel from Padang Besar to other stations such as Taiping, Sungai Petani or Alor Setar also?

Of course you can. The KTM Komuter Northern Sector serves all stations along the route and charges fares according to the distance travelled. For other stations not served by the KTM Komuter Northern Sector, take the ETS.


33 thoughts on “Hat Yai – Padang Besar Shuttle Train

  1. Teh Sok Meng says:

    may I know that do Hat Yai train station have the luggage keeping services.
    I am travelling with a group of people ( 11 ) to take shuttle train from Padang Besar to Hat Yai to catch the flight from Hat Yai airport 4:30 pm.
    We need to left the luggage before time to board a taxi to airport.
    Thank you


  2. Jessica says:

    I want to ask do I have to book the return ticket early from padang besar to sungaI petani?I should buy the ticket at sp or padang besar. That confused me a lot..


  3. M.Islam says:

    Wht will be the ticket fare for Bkk -Padang Besar?Do I have to change train in Hat Yai to go to Padang Besar?Wht time the train (International)reaches Hat Yai from Bangkok and wht time the train from Hat Yai leaves for Padang Besar?I do want to miss the train Hat Yai-Padang Besar…Pl reply soonest.Thank You.


    • RailTravel Station says:

      If you are asking about Bangkok – Padang Besar services, you shouldn’t be commenting on a Hat Yai – Padang Besar page but on a Bangkok – Padang Besar service’s instead, which link can be found all the way on the top of the page on the first paragraph. If you had missed out on that, there is also a second opportunity when you scroll down to click to view the integrated timetables. Please don’t just Google and drop your query on the first page you see and ask me to “reply soonest”, expecting to be spoonfed when already spoonfed information are available if you access the correct page.

      If you wish to get precise information, you should be asking the operator and not a blog.

      Also, if you “do want to miss the train Hat Yai-Padang Besar”, I wouldn’t need to suggest anything too right?

      But since I have typed such a long reply already, I’m still going to give you the information you want even though you have asked questions with a “?!” and a “Pl reply soonest”.



  4. Siti says:

    I have difficulty to book train from Hat Yai railway station to Padang besar on 01/07/2017?
    Is the ticket not available? Because it doesn’t turn to green for me to choose train.

    Thank you


  5. LEE says:

    Hello, May I know the schedule from padang besar to hatyai?How many train will depart from padang besar to hatyai in a day?Am i only able to buy the ticket at padang besar, can i buy it in butterworth?online booking is not allowed right?Will the ticket from padang besar to hatyai sold off?


  6. Denull says:

    where is hatyai? any good food to recommend?
    if I plan for 5 days in hatyai, is it enough?
    Suggestion: your blog would be more useful if you could provide some details about tourist attractions


  7. Hadika says:


    Need to confirm something. Not sure any other people have asked this or not, but I still need the answer to plan my trip (and I am a little confuse).
    From the timetable :
    1) For EXP 947. I will depart from Hatyai Junction at 750am (Thai time), and shall arrive at Padang Besar Malaysia at 925am (Malaysia time). Taking the timing difference of 1 hour between Thai and Malaysia; is my understanding correct?
    2) Same goes to the EXP 949. Depart at 1.05pm (Thai time) and arrives Padang Besar Malaysia at 3.00pm (Malaysia time)?

    Appreciate your kind assistance.


    • bunbun says:

      Can you not see that tickets are open for sale/booking on day of departure only? Or did you just skip the whole page to the comments section?


  8. Andrew cheah kah kit says:

    I have come across the blog and has been using a lot of useful tips from this blog. Just wanna thanks the owners who made all the information available to the amateur train lovers like me, so that I can always browse through the latest news available about train and travel.

    One question relating to this post, since the Padang besar – Hatyai train only available on the day of departure, chances of not getting a ticket would be high if you travel during holiday season?
    As I would need to source for other resort just in case tickets sold out quickly.


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