Flight Review: Delta Air Lines DL168 from Singapore to Tokyo-Narita by Boeing 767-300ER

Delta Air Lines is an American airline which does not operate direct flights to the United States of America from Singapore. In fact, even if you book such a ticket, it would require a transit in Tokyo Narita Airport as Delta operates a unique Seventh Freedom Flight to Tokyo, whereby the flight does not carry on to USA (on paper). Delta Air Lines DL168 is purely a Singapore to Tokyo-Narita flight, which offers a rather unique experience to Japan.

Nevertheless, as it is still an American airline, check-in procedures were rather strict, which is why there are no pictures of the check-in process as I didn’t want to be prevented from flying, or worse, be put on a blacklist.

Before check-in, my itinerary was checked, before being assigned an interviewing officer. Yes, you read that right. The check-in area for Delta was cordoned off and a few Certis CISCO officers were waiting just after the entrance to the cordoned area to interview every single passenger. After being asked a few questions about my trip and if I have been to certain countries before, and after opening my bag to declare what might look like a sharp object when scanned later, I was finally given a slip of paper to bring to the check-in desk where I was allowed to check in. The interview process took about 5 minutes.

At the check-in desk, my passport was checked and given a security sticker behind to say that I’m security checked. While the check-in row had the new FAST Check-in system, the manned mode was used throughout the process.

Having never been to America before, I wonder if this is a standard for all American airlines. I have not thought much about booking that Delta flight, but after seeing how tight security was, I wasn’t sure if that helped with me thinking that it is a very safe airline or that I should be more concerned about flying them since security is so tight.

This time, getting my boarding pass felt like a great achievement since there was quite a few rounds to go to actually get it, as compared with my usual instant self-service methods.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 001

Heading into the transit area after successfully checking in.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 002

My prized boarding pass for my Delta Air Lines DL168 flight from Singapore to Tokyo-Narita.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 003

Heading to the gate.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 004

My flight details at Gate D36.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 005

N197DN would be taking me from Singapore to Tokyo-Narita today.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 006

The rather crowded gate hold room. Guess it’s going to be a full fight.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 007Delta DL168 SIN NRT 008

Heading to board the plane. Strangely, excluding those with priority such as US Military personnel, boarding was called from front to back. Since I was seated in the second last row of the plane, I boarded last.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 009

Heading down the aerobridge.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 010

Boarding my first Delta flight.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 011

Passing through the Delta One (Business Class) cabin decked out in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 012

Heading into the Main Cabin (Economy Class) where I belong.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 013

My window seat at 40G. Despite pre-selecting my seat during my ticket purchase, my seat selection was removed during my online check-in and was given this window seat instead. Even when asking for a seat swap at the actual check-in desk at the airport, no other seats were available to swap with. Guess it’s a really full flight.

(Also, notice how all the window shades were closed during boarding.)

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 014

A pillow and sleeping kit was laid out on the seat as I got to it.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 015

The legroom on board Delta’s Main Cabin on the Boeing 767-300ER.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 016Delta DL168 SIN NRT 017

Advertisements were played during boarding and no access was given to the IFE yet.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 018

The seat belt and no smoking signs on board Delta’s Boeing 767-300ER.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 019

The reading lights and aircon vents on board Delta’s Boeing 767-300ER.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 020

The view out of the aircraft after I opened my window shade, thinking that it’s a pretty standard requirement for taxi, take-off and landing.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 021

Bags are still being loaded up at this point.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 022

The sleeping kit contains a set of ear plugs and an eye shade.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 023

Hmm, is this 2+2 configuration really First Class?

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 024Delta DL168 SIN NRT 025

Shortly after everyone was seated, headsets were distributed.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 026

A paper menu was also distributed after the head sets. That’s thoughtful, haven’t had one in quite a while.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 027

I know what I’ll be having for breakfast already.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 028

A single choice of light snack before arriving into Tokyo.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 029

A surprisingly extensive drinks menu for Main Cabin.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 030Delta DL168 SIN NRT 031

A welcome video was played before the safety video.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 032

Playing the safety video as the aircraft readies for pushback.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 033Delta DL168 SIN NRT 034

The safety video is like a safety card coming to life, with the 2D characters demonstrating the procedures.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 035Delta DL168 SIN NRT 036Delta DL168 SIN NRT 037

Sliding out of the safety card.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 038Delta DL168 SIN NRT 039Delta DL168 SIN NRT 040

Mini-characters helping with stowing away the stuff for take-off.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 041Delta DL168 SIN NRT 042Delta DL168 SIN NRT 043

Watch the Delta Air Lines Safety Card Safety Video here:

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 044

Pushing back from the gate.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 045

The lights were switched off for take-off, but no announcements or enforcements were made for passengers to open the window shades. Hmm.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 046

Nevertheless, I opened mine up for safety (and for photos).

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 047

Passing by a Thai Airways Boeing 777-200 at the end of Terminal 1.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 048

Taxiing to the runway.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 049

Ready to take-off.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 050

Bye Singapore.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 051Delta DL168 SIN NRT 052

The plane took off heading southwest, so that necessitated a u-turn in the air shortly after this photo was taken.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 053

A few minutes after take-off, the IFE finally came alive.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 054Delta DL168 SIN NRT 055

Languages available on Delta’s IFE includes English, Spanish, Purtugese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai. That’s a lot of languages.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 056

The IFE is rather up to date with western movies and TV shows.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 057

My estimated flight path to Tokyo.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 058

Some additional flight information on the IFE.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 061

As the flight was eastward, the sun rose rapidly when seen from on board the plane. Just before the sunrise, the pilot advised us to open up the window shades “if we’d like” to adjust to the sunrise. Hmm, I guess putting your window shades up is indeed optional on Delta.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 059

About an hour into the flight, breakfast was served.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 062

I opted for the Sundried Tomato Omelet with Creamed Spinach, Chicken Sausage and Potatoes.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 063

The meal was quite okay at usual airplane omelette standards. They didn’t go for deep fried hash browns so that helped the potatoes maintain their softness when reheated on board.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 064Delta DL168 SIN NRT 065

The washrooms were also rather clean.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 066

Rather surprisingly, only paper towels are provided in the washrooms, which is excellent. They were also of a thicker quality than what I’m used to in ASEAN, almost like a real towel.

Delta DL168 Wifi 001Delta DL168 Wifi 002

To top off the Delta experience, Free Messaging on Delta WiFi is was available on board.

Delta DL168 Wifi 003Delta DL168 Wifi 004

Free Messaging works with iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for text only, that means photos can’t be sent – but that’s good enough for me since it was free of charge for the duration of the flight.

Delta DL168 Wifi 005Delta DL168 Wifi 006

No additional apps are needed to connect to the free WiFi on board. Additional WiFi for full internet access can also be purchased though it isn’t very affordable. Priced are in US Dollars.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 067

Approaching Tokyo, a hot towel service was provided followed by a light snack. The two snacks provided were a Mediterranean Vegetable and Cheese Puff Pastry and a Chocolate Chip Cake.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 068

The drinks cart followed behind the snack cart, and I ordered a Sparkling Wine and Starbucks Coffee. The Sparkling Wine was Segura Viudas Aria Brut Nature Cava, Penedes, one of the cheaper brands on the market. But nevertheless, still impressive to be offering more than 2 types of wines on a flight.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 069

Delta serves Starbucks Pike Place Roast, but as a non-Starbucks drinker, it tastes like normal coffee to me. Sorry.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 070

Passing by Mikurajima Island, the first sight of Japan land from my window.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 071Delta DL168 SIN NRT 072

The plain Delta Boeing 767-300ER blended winglet.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 073

The lowered window shades are more obvious in the daylight as no announcements were made for passengers to open them. Cabin lights were also switched off for a daytime landing. Hmm.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 074Delta DL168 SIN NRT 075

Flying past Choshi as the plane approaches Honshu, Mainland Japan.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 076Delta DL168 SIN NRT 077

Hello Japan again.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 078

Descending into Narita.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 079Delta DL168 SIN NRT 080

A 209 series EMU on the Narita Line.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 081

Approaching Narita Airport.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 082Delta DL168 SIN NRT 083

Touched down into Narita Airport at 1.17pm – 43 minutes early.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 084

After touch down, the First Officer came on the PA and said to sit back for a while more as it was going to be a long taxi to the gate, and after a lot of minutes I realised he wasn’t joking.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 085

Passing by a Thai AirAsia X Airbus A330-300 (ex-China Eastern Airlines) at Terminal 2.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 086

Passing by a NokScoot Boeing 777-200 (ex-Singapore Airlines) at Terminal 2.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 087

Continuing on to Terminal 1.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 088Delta DL168 SIN NRT 089

Passing by the fenced-up Yokobori Unity Hut.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 090

The aircraft remains dark after landing, hmm.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 092

Heading to Terminal 1.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 093

Passing by an Aeroflot Boeing 777-300 in SkyTeam livery.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 094

Passing by an Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 in Formula 1 livery.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 095

Turning into Terminal 1.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 096

This time, the First Officer came on the PA again to say that we’re near the gate, but we require a tug to pull us in. Looks like Narita still has some tow-in gates and my plane was going to use one. Sigh.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 097

My gate was Gate 21 I assumed.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 098

A tug was standing by at Gate 21.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 099

And I was right, the tug towed us in to Gate 21.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 101

Once in the gate, ground staff immediately started to offload baggage.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 102

Being one of the very last to disembark as I was seated at the very end of the plane.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 103

The legroom of Delta Comfort+ versus the Main Cabin. Looks like it’s just the legroom that’s the premium.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 104

Passing through the Delta One cabin.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 105

Heading into the terminal building via the aerobridge.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 106

Heading up to the arrivals level.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 107

Heading down the travellator towards immigration.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 108

The washroom along the path had a rather nice view of my plane from the urinal, so here’s some planespotting in the toilet.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 109

Heading down to immigration. The queue at immigration was surprisingly long.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 110

There’s some renovation going on in the immigration area, but essential stuff like baggage reclaim screens are still available, peeking out from the hoardings.

Delta DL168 SIN NRT 111Delta DL168 SIN NRT 112

My bags would be at Belt A5. A slight wait for my bags of less than 10 minutes, not too painful.

Overall, a pleasant flight with Delta. Despite the crew being mostly Japanese, their service levels and attitudes are similar to a Westerner. Weren’t too friendly and courteous, but at least they weren’t rude. But nevertheless, the hard product is still surprisingly good. The 2-3-2 configuration on the Boeing 767 also helped as it makes the plane feel less crowded with lots of middle seats eliminated. With the promotional fare I paid, I don’t think I have anything to complain about anyway.

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