Eastern Line

The SRT Eastern Line is made up of two main lines, namely the Aranyaphrathet Main Line and Ban Phlu Ta Luang Main Line. The Phra Phutthachai Main Line linking to the Northeastern Line outside of Bangkok is also part of the Eastern Line, however there are only freight services plying on the said line. The Eastern Line only operates with Ordinary third-class all-stop trains. In Bangkok, the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link runs parallel and offers interchanges to the Eastern Line for most parts.

Route Map

Click on the image to enlarge.
*not all stations are included in the route map.

Singapore to Bangkok by Train

Singapore to Bangkok by Train
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Timetable from SRT’s Website

Please search here.

Booking Methods

  • SRT counters only

Tickets are open for sale only on the day of departure. Reservations are not necessary, neither are they possible. Tickets for trains on the SRT Eastern Line cannot sell out.

How do I book tickets online?

You cannot book SRT Eastern Line tickets online.

Hotel Booking

Attractions Booking


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