ADNFB • Air-conditioned Day/Night First Berth (2PLUS)


ADNFB (Air-conditioned Day/Night First Berth) – 2PLUS

The ADNFB (Air-conditioned Day/Night First Berth), also known as 2PLUS or Premier Night Standard, was a coach consisting of 8 compartments with shared bathrooms at the end of the coach. Services included were a complimentary bottle of mineral water and a light snack.

The ADNFB is no longer in operation.

Interior of ADNFB

ADNFB 05The corridor of the ADNFB.

ADNFB 01ADNFB 03The sleeping berths of the ADNFB.

ADNFB 02A side chair is provided within the compartment.

ADNFB 04A fold-out sink and side table is also available within the compartment. However, the toilet is shared at the end of the coach.

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