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Please note that RailTravel Station is neither a club nor affiliated with any company and all information here represents the views of the author. The information and support provided here is a courtesy of RailTravel Station. We aim to provide accurate information, however, we do not bear responsibility or liability for any inaccuracy, incompleteness, or inappropriateness resulting from use of information from RailTravel Station.

RailTravel Station claims all rights to pictures and information produced by RailTravel Station. Copying the pictures to public Facebook pages, websites, Wikipedia or any other mass-media platform without credit is strictly forbidden.


If you are enquiring about train services, have you checked the relevant comprehensive guides already written for you? Hover about the top menu bar under “Train Service Information” and comment below the page or post.

RailTravel Station is already a very comprehensive self-help website and 95% of the queries I get through email are on information already provided ie. I am literally copying and pasting stuff from my own posts and pages to reply your question which probably originated from the same page. 

All queries on train services will only be answered on the relevant posts or pages.

Queries submitted through the form below in an unrelated subject or through email will not be answered.



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