KTM Berhad Train Timetables // Jadual Tren KTM Berhad // 马来西亚火车时间表 // Train Timetable & Schedule In Malaysia // KTM Electric Train Service (ETS), KTM Intercity, KTM Shuttle Tebrau, KTM SkyPark Link, KTM Komuter

KTM Berhad Train Timetables

KTM Berhad train schedules all in one page! View all the updated timetable information for all KTM Berhad train services here including Electric Train Service (ETS), KTM Intercity, Shuttle Tebrau, SkyPark Link and KTM Komuter. Find Time & Schedule KTMB, KTM Timetable & Time Schedule In Malaysia

KTM Berhad, or KTMB for short, is the main railway operator in Peninsular Malaysia, and provides regional, inter-city and commuter rail services across the network.

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93 Class 02

KTM Electric Train Service (ETS) Timetable


KTM ETS Northbound Timetable effective 14 October 2021

KTM ETS Southbound Timetable effective 14 October 2021

27dn Timuran Tumpat JB Sentral 027

KTM Intercity Timetable

Ekspres Rakyat Timuran

Ekspres Selatan

Shuttle Timuran

KTM Intercity Northbound Timetable effective 14 October 2021

KTM Intercity Southbound Timetable effective 14 October 2021

Shuttle Tebrau Woodlands Background 008


SkyPark Link 2803dn KL Sentral Terminal SkyPark 058

KTM SkyPark Link Timetable

KTM SkyPark Link Timetable effective 15 October 2021

92 Class Tampin 01 No Watermark

KTM Komuter Timetable

KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector Weekday Timetable effective 11 October 2021

Batu Caves – Pulau Sebang (Tampin) Line

Tanjung Malim – Pelabuhan Klang Line

KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector Weekend Timetable effective 16 October 2021

Batu Caves – Pulau Sebang (Tampin) Line

Tanjung Malim – Pelabuhan Klang Line

KTM Komuter Northern Sector Timetable effective effective 27 May 2021

For individual KTM Berhad train service information, please click on the following links to learn more:


🚄 ETS Business Class: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ets/ets-business-class/
🚄 ETS Platinum Standard: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ets/ets-platinum-standard/
🚄 ETS Platinum: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ets/ets-platinum/
🚄 ETS Gold: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ets/ets-gold/
🚄 ETS Silver: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ets/ets-silver/

🚂 KTM Intercity

🚂 Ekspres Rakyat Timuran: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-intercity/ekspres-rakyat-timuran/
🚂 Ekspres Selatan: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-intercity/ekspres-selatan/
🚂 Shuttle Tebrau: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-intercity/shuttle-tebrau/
🚂 Shuttle Timur: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-intercity/shuttle-timur/

🚈 KTM Komuter

🚈 SkyPark Link: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-komuter/skypark-link/
🚈 KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-komuter/ktm-komuter-klang-valley-sector/
🚈 KTM Komuter Northern Sector: https://railtravelstation.com/ktm-berhad/ktm-komuter/ktm-komuter-northern-sector/

KTM Train Ticket Booking Methods
Kaedah Tempahan Tiket Keretapi KTM

Tickets are open for sale in set periods about 60 days before departure except for the Shuttle Tebrau which opens 30 days before departure. Tiket akan dibuka untuk dijual dalam jangka masa kira-kira 60 hari sebelum berlepas kecuali Shuttle Tebrau yang dibuka 30 hari sebelum berlepas.

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Attractions Booking
Tempahan Tarikan

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How do I book KTM train tickets tickets online?
Bagaimanakah saya menempah tiket trem KTM dalam talian?

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To contact KTM Berhad:

Official Website: http://www.ktmb.com.my/
Call Center Phone: +60 3 2267 1200
Email: callcenter@ktmb.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ktmberhad/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ktm_berhad

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