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The Special Express 37/38, informally-known as the Thaksin Express, is a popular daily Special Express train operating between Bangkok and Sungai Golok which borders Malaysia at Rantau Panjang, stopping at major stations along the route. This train runs combined with the International Express Special Express 45/46 plying between Bangkok and Padang Besar, Malaysia. The two trains will run as a single rake between Bangkok and Hat Yai, and thereafter split off to run independently on its own journeys to Sungai Golok and Padang Besar respectively.

Route Map

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Singapore to Bangkok by Train

Singapore to Bangkok by Train
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SRT Train Ticket Booking Methods

One of the most useful things about 12Go Asia is that they will create joint tickets for you, so you could actually make a single booking from Bangkok to Singapore and vice-versa.

Tickets are open for sale 60 days before departure.

How do I book tickets online?

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How do I travel from Sungai Golok (Thailand border town) to Rantau Panjang (Malaysia border town)?

Take a motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk from Sungai Golok Railway Station to Sungai Golok Border Post. After Thai immigration and customs clearance, cross the Golok Bridge to the Malaysian side for Malaysian immigration and customs clearance.

For the reverse journey, the reverse of the above steps is true.

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How do I travel from Rantau Panjang (Malaysia border town) to Pasir Mas and Kota Bharu?

Take Cityliner Service 29 which plies between Rantau Panjang and Kota Bharu via Pasir Mas.


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