Ratchaburi-Maeklong Local Bus

The local bus plies frequently between Ratchaburi and Maeklong, closing up the current western gap between the SRT Southern Line and the Maeklong Railway.

The journey between Ratchaburi and Maeklong takes approximately 90 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two types of services, the more-frequent new route and the less-frequent old route. The new route plies on Route 4 and Route 35, bypassing Pak Tho. The old route plies on Route 4 and Route 3093, serving Pak Tho. This page is referring to the new route serving Ratchaburi where all trains stop at, though Pak Tho is geographically the closest station to Maeklong but only some trains stop there.

Route Map

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45 baht

Booking Methods

Reservations are neither necessary nor possible. Just show up, hop on and pay the conductor on the bus. Note that no tickets are issued, but change is provided for 100 baht notes.

How do I book Ratchaburi – Maeklong Local Bus tickets online?

You cannot book Ratchaburi – Maeklong Local Bus tickets online.


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