Singapore to Bali by Land and Sea

Singapore to Bali by Land and Sea 04

After completing my journey From London to Singapore in 40 Days, I figured that the journey could be further extended with transport options south of Singapore. Sure, Sentosa was the touristy *cringe* southernmost point of “continental Asia” (which is untrue by the way) and of my trip, but that’s not the most inspiring place to be.

The neighbouring country south of Singapore is Indonesia, with frequent ferries linking Singapore with Batam Island. And since it’s Indonesia, why not continue the journey to reach the next railway network to see how far I can go?

TRAINS1M3 Singapore to Bali by Land and Sea.png
* Route map edited to feature only destinations of my journey.

I’ve actually thought of this trip on the train ride to Bangkok during my trip From London to Singapore in 40 Days since everything was getting familiar and there wasn’t much adventure left (recap here), and so I made it a point not to fly till I actually go on this trip so that the journey from London remains unbroken on land. Although I did fly for a working trip during my “10-month transit in Singapore”, it was a return flight so it kind of cancels itself out since I didn’t fly one way and take the train back. And surprisingly, I’ll be embarking on this continuation trip faster than I expected.

Follow my journey:

PT KAI Train Ticket Booking Methods
For Eksekutif, Bisnis and Ekonomi AC only. All other tickets are only sold at stations where the train serves.

  • PT KAI counters
  • Online from PT KAI‘s ticketing website but foreign credit cards do not work
  • Online from – foreign credit cards accepted

Tickets are open for sale 30 to 90 days before departure, depending on train service.

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  1. 15 March going to Singapore and18march want to know can I go by Road or ship what will Ticket fare and how much time it will take

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