From London to Singapore by Train in 40 Days

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When I first started RailTravel Station, the original purpose was to document such an overland trip. However, due to circumstances, I was not able to proceed with the trip as I had originally planned, as there were other issues I considered more important to complete first.

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* Route map edited to feature only destinations of my journey.

Finally, I was on my way backpacking across Europe and Asia, departing at the end of April 2016 and arriving back in June 2016. The London to Singapore overland trip by train has been completed successfully by many, and is considered one of the most adventurous and interesting rail routes in the world. It was also the best time for me to travel as I was still eligible for youth discounts for travel in the UK (so now you can roughly guess my age).

I had mentally (and also on an Excel sheet) planned this trip for about 6 years now, so it was relatively easy for me to start sorting out my tickets and times. This planning was done with my own knowledge and sources online, typically for Asian routes, and also with assistance from an excellent railway travel website and some email correspondence with The Man in Seat Sixty-One, especially for European routes which I was not exactly familiar with.

From train rides to tuk-tuks, Vatican City to Angkor Wat, Eurostar to ETS. 40 days, 14 countries, 23 cities, 27 train journeys, 17 nights spent on overnight travels, 1 incredible, memorable and epic journey.

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