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The Woodlands CIQ – JB Sentral sector is now served by dedicated shuttle trains, known as the Shuttle Tebrau, since 1 July 2015. All other KTM Intercity services will originate and terminate at JB Sentral, and will not proceed on to Woodlands CIQ. The journey time across the causeway on the Shuttle Tebrau takes just 5 minutes.

Route Map

The route map of the Shuttle Tebrau on RailTravel Station no longer features the rest of the KTM Intercity network due to:

  • KTM Berhad’s initial cessation of online ticket bookings for the Shuttle Tebrau, making it impossible to secure a connection from the Shuttle Tebrau to and from other KTM Intercity trains at JB Sentral.
  • KTM Berhad’s positioning of the train to the public as not part of the KTM Intercity network with different terms and conditions for tickets and future separate ticketing system. (FAQ #8: Pembatalan tiket dibenarkan sebelum tren dijadualkan berlepas dengan pemulangan tambang 50%; FAQ #11: Setiap pelanggan hanya dibenarkan membeli maksimum 4 keping tiket tren Shuttle Tebrau yang sama pada satu-satu masa.)
  • KTM Berhad’s own confusion with its initial stopping sales through online channels and the KTMB-MobTicket App from 1 December 2016, but in the future plans for ticket sales, to have tickets sold through online channels and the KTMB-MobTicket App, so I am also not sure how to describe it on this website. (FAQ #12: KTMB dalam proses menyediakan perkhidmatan jualan tiket menggunakan kiosk tiket di JB Sentral dan Woodlands dan jualan secara online melalui mobile apps.)
  • The planned separate ticketing system, and implemented closed-system ticket checking process at JB Sentral for the Shuttle Tebrau.
  • The cessation of the Shuttle Tebrau and closure of Woodlands CIQ (Woodlands Train Checkpoint) 6 months after the commencement of the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System Link (RTS Link) targeted by December 2024 as part of the Malaysia–Singapore Points of Agreement Supplement signed on 24 May 2010 (remember Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit Timah Railway Station?).
  • The stance of the Chairman of KTM Berhad as describing the “3” long-distance train services as ETS, KTM Intercity and Shuttle Tebrau here.

Click here for the Shuttle Tebrau FAQs from KTM’s website.

TRAINS1M2 Shuttle Tebrau 02.png
Click on the image to enlarge.

Shuttle Tebrau Interior

ASC Hyundai Padu Sedia Interior 02ASC Hyundai Padu Sedia Interior 03

Shuttle Tebrau Timetable effective 1 July 2018

Due to KTM Berhad’s positioning of the train to the public as not part of the KTM Intercity network as mentioned above, and to future-proof updates to this page, I have removed the suggested connecting KTM Intercity trains from the timetable. Listed below are the timings of Shuttle Tebrau trains only.

Shuttle Tebrau Timetable 20180701.png
Click on the image to enlarge.

Singapore to Bangkok by Train

Singapore to Bangkok by Train
Click here for details.


What is the best ticket combination I can buy for the Shuttle Tebrau?

Adult: (> 12 years old): S$5*/RM5*
Child (2 – 12 years old): S$5*/RM5*
Infant (< 2 years old): Free (no ticket needed)
*Adult and child fares are the same. Related currency is depending on journey direction listed below.

From Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral (one way)
Easybook: S$5
12Go Asia: S$5
BusOnlineTicket: S$5
KTM E-Ticket System: RM16 + RM2 booking fee
KTM Intercity Counter: S$5

From Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral (return/two ways)
Easybook: S$5 + RM5
12Go Asia: S$5 + RM5
BusOnlineTicket: S$5 + RM5
KTM E-Ticket System: Unavailable
KTM Intercity Counter: S$10

From JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ (one way)
Easybook: RM5
12Go Asia: RM5
BusOnlineTicket: RM5
KTM E-Ticket System
: RM5 + RM2 booking fee
KTM Intercity Counter: RM5

From JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ (return/two ways)
Easybook: RM5 + S$5
12Go Asia: RM5 + S$5
BusOnlineTicket: RM5 + S$5
KTM E-Ticket System: Unavailable
KTM Intercity Counter: RM10

Journey Experiences

Timetables from KTM’s website effective 16 November 2018
Jadual waktu dari laman web KTM berkuatkuasa 16 November 2018

Links attached are no longer hosted on Google Drive as RailTravel Station is too often confused with the timetable provider instead of KTM. Should the links be down, it is on KTM’s servers and not on mine.

Link yang dilampirkan tiada lagi di dapati di Google Drive, di atas sebab RailTravel Station terlalu kerap memuatnaik jadual perjalanan keretapi berbanding KTM. Sekiranya link tiada lagi berfungsi, ia kemungkinan berpunca dari khidmat jaringan KTM dan bukan berpunca dari website RailTravel Station.

KTM Train Ticket Booking Methods
Kaedah Tempahan Tiket Keretapi KTM

Tickets are open for sale in set periods about 60 days before departure except for the Shuttle Tebrau which opens 30 days before departure. However, tickets may be pre-booked 365 days in advance from Easybook.

Hotel Booking
Tempahan Hotel

Attractions Booking
Tempahan Tarikan

  • Klook (Get FREE $4.30/RM12.90 voucher for your first purchase when you sign up here! *subject to exchange rate)

How do I book tickets online?
Bagaimanakah saya menempah tiket dalam talian?

Links to the KTM E-Ticket System are strikethroughed due to KTM’s own admission of the instability of their system here after former Prime Minister Najib Razak personally posted on Facebook that there is such an issue here. Proceed using the KTM E-Ticket System at your own risk.

12Go_logo2 logo-baolau  bus-online-ticket-logo CatchThatBus Logo.png easybook-logo.png

To contact KTM Berhad:

Official Website

Call Center
Phone: +60 3 2267 1200



Latest Update: Click here for the official press release

In KTM Berhad’s latest bid to discourage you from using their trains, new measures will be put in place for the Shuttle Tebrau effective 2 May 2017.

1. Customers (need not be the passenger) need to present their passports when purchasing tickets at the counter.

2. Names and passport numbers for both the customer and/or passenger will be recorded when purchasing through KTM ticket counters, KTM ticket agents or online.

3. Only a maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased at KTM ticket counters for each transaction.

4. Customers who make more than 1 ticket purchase in a single transaction need to submit their passport information and phone number to be recorded by KTM staff.

5. Tickets once sold are not exchangeable. Tickets are only valid for the date and time of travel as stated on the ticket.

6. Changing of particulars such as name, passport number, date or time of travel is not allowed. (Same as point 5.) However, passengers can obtain a refund of the ticket using existing procedures.

7. Tickets purchased online must be printed out or stored as an image on the mobile phone.

8. Tickets will be inspected by KTM staff to ensure that tickets purchased are for travelling purposes only and not for resale.

RailTravel Station has no issues with this, however, I would like to point out some issues with KTMB’s system:

1. KTM Berhad is not letting me tag them in this post originally posted on Facebook – deactivating comments from the public regarding their system.

2. Despite the KTM E-Ticket System being secured, as long as I have your reference ID, no matter where you purchase your ticket from, I am able to see all your details including full name and passport information and print a duplicate ticket.

3. The customer assisting the passenger purchasing the ticket, especially from JB Sentral, may not hold a passport and/or a phone number.

4. The Shuttle Tebrau is using the same ticketing system as other KTM Intercity and ETS services. The no-change-of-details policy is only an excuse to provide a 50% refund and have the customer purchase a new ticket at the full price, and not a technical difficulty.

5. The ticket counter at JB Sentral no longer prints tickets for the Shuttle Tebrau and only tells passengers to use their phones to scan the QR code even when some are using 2G Nokia phones. However, tickets are printed for all other trains.

6. The press release is only available in Bahasa Malaysia despite the Shuttle Tebrau being a cross-border service.

7. That OCD moment when KTM prints out a document, scans it and then reuploads it as a .pdf. KTM Berhad needs to learn how to click File > Save As… > File Type > .pdf, depending on the version of Microsoft Word used, if any. KTM is only forgiven if they are using a physical typewriter.

Remember that the KTM E-Ticket System is still unstable. You can continue to use my agent links to purchase your tickets. Just don’t let anyone know your reference ID.

Shuttle Tebrau Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get to Woodlands CIQ?

Click here for directions to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Why does my ticket state “OODLANDS CIQ” or “B SENTRAL”? Is my ticket still valid?

The original ticket printer at the purchased station is probably not working, so a backup printer is used which causes the cut-off from the destination name. Your ticket is still valid.

However, with the new placement of the origin and destination to avoid the non-functioning parts of the printer, you should be able to see the full station name now, provided that no new cut-off streaks are appearing around the middle of the printer.

You read that right: KTM only changed where the station’s text is written rather than repair both printers.

Why is someone sitting in my seat?

The Shuttle Tebrau is free seating. Your selected or assigned seat number is just for clocking in the ticket limit of the train which is 320. Also, if you notice, the numbers listed in the train are by rows with a suffix of A, B, C and D, and not in numerical sequence as seen in your ticket. As such, there are actually no matching ticket seat numbers with the actual train seat numbers.

Why am I paying GST? (actual question)

There is no GST paid for all KTM trains. If you notice the numbers after the word “GST”, you will see “0%” and “MYR 0.00” or “SGD 0.00”. Do take the time read the whole line of text rather than just the word “GST”.

Where is my Nasi Lemak? (also an actual question, believe it or not)

The “N” after the word “Makanan” or “Meal” on the ticket probably stands for “NO”, and most definitely not Nasi Lemak or your favourite Malaysian rice dish. The meals portion is listed in the ticket for services on the Koc Selesa or the Eastern Holiday excursion train, where a “Y” will be stated. Even if there is food provided in the Shuttle Tebrau, you would probably have arrived at your destination even before the meal service can commence.

Can I bring my baby stroller or wheelchair on board the train?

There is no definite answer in the terms and conditions of carriage of passengers on KTM’s website, but I have seen strollers on board the train many times and there is a discount offered to the disabled on all KTM services except the Shuttle Tebrau so that can be taken as an acceptance of carriage. However, many think (and probably you as well) that it is a roll-on roll-off loading of the baby stroller or wheelchair. The coaches for KTM Intercity trains are designed for low platforms unlike the modern high platforms you may see at Woodlands CIQ, JB Sentral, stations on the electrified double-track sectors and other upgraded stations along the East Coast Line, hence there is a wide platform gap due to the steps below the doors. It is certainly not an MRT, nor is it meant to operate like one.

Platform Gap at High Platform Stations.png
Click on the image to enlarge.

The platform gap as shown in the picture is approximately 40cm wide. You should carry your baby and fold your stroller to board the train. For wheelchair-bound passengers, a ramp will be provided to assist boarding and alighting at both Woodlands CIQ and JB Sentral stations, however, due to the slim design of the door towards the seating cabin, the passenger-in-wheelchair will only be able to stay at the deck after the entrance door. I have seen four men carry up a wheelchair with a passenger in it from a low platform station in Kelantan, so anything which requires lesser effort than that should be fine. You can store your baby stroller in the front corner of the seating cabin.

How do I get from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to Changi Airport?

TRAINS1M2 BusTravel Station WTCP Changi Airport 01

Click here for bus service information from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to Changi Airport.

How do I get from JB Sentral to Senai Airport?

Take Causeway Link Senai Airport Shuttle Service AA1.

Click here for bus service information from JB Sentral to Senai Airport.

How do I get from JB Sentral to IKEA Tebrau ?

Take the free IKEA Tebrau Shuttle Bus or public bus services 6B, 41, 188, 205, 227, BET2, BET6 or S&S 1.

Click here for bus service information from JB Sentral to IKEA Tebrau.

How do I get from JB Sentral to Paradigm Mall?

Take public bus services 1B, 5B, 7B, 15, 331, 606, 777B, BET1, BET3, JPO1 & S&S 7.

Click here for bus service information from JB Sentral to Paradigm Mall.

Can I bring my luggage on the Shuttle Tebrau?

Yes. 🙄

Are there luggage check-in facilities or lockable baggage racks on the Shuttle Tebrau?

No. 🙄

Please note that RailTravel Station is not a KTM or any other train company’s website. It is simply my personal travel blog. I cannot act on your complains as I am not KTM. In fact, you have probably seen me on the Shuttle Tebrau and other KTM trains, just that you wouldn’t have known. Please bear with the information provided here as I am also a passenger just like you. Though it’s still not perfect, I believe that it is currently more than sufficient. Feedback is always appreciated, but please do not fault me as I do not run the trains. You can always visit KTM’s website but if you’ve been there, you will know why you are here in the first place.

Why doesn’t the Shuttle Tebrau run frequently like an MRT since it is only a 5-minute ride each way?

Woodlands Train Checkpoint does not allow for a bi-directional passenger flow – it can cater to only arrivals or departures at any one time. The 55 minutes turnaround time at Woodlands Train Checkpoint allows just enough time for an arrival train to be processed by ICA and Singapore Customs for both passengers and train quarantine, have the immigration system reversed for departure, handover passengers to JIM and JKDM, and finally for the train to depart after all passengers have cleared both Singapore and Malaysia immigration. As such, the current timetable seems to be the maximum frequency that trains can run each day.

However, during morning peak periods, there is an increased frequency of 30 minutes when there is no northbound passengers as time is saved without the need for ICA to reverse the system for departure.

Fun fact: Did you know that a pair of Shuttle Tebrau-s have to be cancelled if there is an E&O arrival or departure?

Important Notice for E-Ticket Holders Travelling on the Shuttle Tebrau from Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Your e-ticket needs to be verified and validated at the ticket counter before heading to the boarding gate. A reprint of the e-ticket onto an actual ticket or a stamp on the A4 printout will be issued by the ticket counter in order for you to board the train.

Important Notice for E-Ticket Holders Travelling on the Shuttle Tebrau from JB Sentral

Effective 1 March 2017, the turnstiles at Gate A of JB Sentral for the Shuttle Tebrau are in operation. The turnstiles operate with scanning the barcode provided below the printed thermal tickets or the QR code found on E-Tickets. With the similar QR code provided on the KTM E-Tickets from 12Go AsiaBusOnlineTicket or Easybook, this also eliminates the need to exchange the A4 printout for the actual ticket, or even print out the ticket as the QR code can be scanned directly from your phone’s screen.

A Walkthrough of the Journey

How do I board the Shuttle Tebrau? 

I would love to give you a walkthrough of Woodlands Train Checkpoint with pictures as requested by many but photography is prohibited in the checkpoint. I hope the guide below will be descriptive enough for you.

How do I get from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral?

  1. To find out how to get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint by public transport, click here.
  2. Purchase your ticket 30 days till 15 minutes before departure (if available till then).
  3. Proceed up the staircase or elevator from the ticket counter.
  4. Cross the bridge where there will be a queue area running the entire length of the bridge, leading to a glass door.
  5. A KTM staff will be at the glass door checking your tickets from 30 minutes till 15 minutes before departure. The gate will close 15 minutes before departure.
  6. Follow the straight path to Singapore immigration.
  7. After clearing Singapore immigration, exit out of the door with signs pointing to Malaysian Immigration (it’s Door 5 if you really wish to know, but it would be the only unlocked and very visible door – another straight path).
  8. Washrooms are available along this path.
  9. Proceed for Malaysian immigration followed by customs. No immigration cards needed to enter Malaysia, just proceed with your passport (and visa if required).
  10. A waiting area will be immediately after the x-ray machines with ample seats and another washroom, but most of the time you can proceed straight out to the platform and to the train.
  11. Remember, photography is prohibited anywhere in Woodlands Train Checkpoint.
  12. Enjoy your 5 minute ride across the causeway.
  13. Pro-tip: The escalator at JB Sentral will be near the middle of the train.
  14. Upon arrival at JB Sentral, simply get on the escalator from the platform and be on your way – welcome to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
  15. If you have an onward connecting train north of JB Sentral, you can ask available staff  (if any) for directions straight to your train on the platform, or you can head upstairs to the concourse area, where you can queue for ticket checking for your connecting train at the same place where the upward escalator ends. This will take 5 minutes maximum.

How do I get from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ?

  1. Purchase your ticket 30 days till 10 minutes before departure (if available till then).
  2. Proceed to Gate A which is on the left of the waiting area behind the ticket counters. If in doubt, follow one of the many signs saying Shuttle Tebrau, Woodlands or Singapore, or the very prominent line of passengers, but NOT any touts asking you if you wish to go to Singapore – they are “freelance private car operators” and no, they are not GrabCar or Uber either.
  3. Scan your ticket at the turnstiles from 30 minutes till 10 minutes before departure. The gate will close 10 minutes before departure.
  4. Proceed down the escalator after ticket checking to Malaysian immigration and customs. You will see 2 sides of immigration counters on your left and right. Proceed to any side.
  5. After clearing immigration and customs, you will find a waiting area with many people queuing already, but plenty of empty seats. Go ahead and have a seat if you wish, the journey is only 5 minutes. It’s not necessary to find a good seat for a 5 minute journey. Washrooms are also available in this waiting area.
  6. Around 5 to 10 minutes before departure, the door to the platform will open with a rush of passengers trying to presumably secure a good seat. Follow the rush if you wish, but it’s really not necessary. The escalator down to the platform is in front of this door.
  7. Choose your favourite seat on the train or just stand for 5 minutes.
  8. Pro-tip: Getting a place at the end of the train gets you first in line at Woodlands Train Checkpoint for Singapore immigration and customs clearance and you can exit the checkpoint within 3 minutes if you have fulfilled all immigration and customs obligations.
  9. Enjoy your 5 minute ride across the causeway.
  10. Upon arrival at Woodlands Train Checkpoint, remember that photography is prohibited anywhere in Woodlands Train Checkpoint. Immigration will be near the rear end of the train.
  11. Pro-pro-tip: The last person to clear immigration and customs will make it out of Woodlands Train Checkpoint and into the taxi or bus 15 minutes after arrival. It’s really not necessary to rush. I’ve tried many times.
  12. Singapore immigration cards can be picked up on the right side of the hall for those required. Singaporeans and PRs, as well as those registered with eIACS, need not fill up an immigration card. If you do not know what eIACS is, you probably need an immigration card (and visa if required).
  13. After immigration, empty your pockets and proceed for Singapore customs clearance. You will see 2 lanes, the Green Lane for those who have nothing to declare, and the Red Lane, for those who need to declare anything. You can proceed to any lane if you have nothing to declare. If you need to declare something, proceed to the Red Lane and inform the officer there (or ring the bell in the unlikely event that there is no one there for a minute).
  14. Washrooms and a water cooler are available on the left after the x-ray machines. You need not queue at the water cooler to fill up your water bottle, Singapore’s water is safe to drink from the tap.
  15. If a break is not needed, just head straight out to an upward escalator, which will lead you across the bridge and down the staircase to the ticket counter, taxi stand or bus stop for your onward journey – welcome to Singapore.
  16. To find out how to get out of Woodlands Train Checkpoint by public transport, click here.

Travel Advisories

JB Sentral – Woodlands CIQ

Tickets for Shuttle Tebrau 63dn (5.30am), 65dn (6.00am), 67dn (6.30am) & 69dn (7.00am) from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ on weekdays are usually sold out 30 days before departure, 15 minutes after they are open for sale at 8.30am.

Tickets for all afternoon and night Shuttle Tebrau trains from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ on weekends and public holidays are usually sold out 30 days before departure, 30 minutes after they are open for sale at 8.30am.

Woodlands CIQ – JB Sentral

Tickets for all afternoon, evening and night Shuttle Tebrau trains from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral on Fridays and eve of public holidays are usually sold out 28 days before departure.

Tickets for the 74up Shuttle Tebrau train at 10am from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral on weekends and public holidays are usually sold out 30 days before departure, 2 hours after they are open for sale at 8.30am.

Tickets for all other morning and noon Shuttle Tebrau trains from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral on weekends and public holidays are usually sold out 28 days before departure.

Travel Advisory (tl;dr version)

The Shuttle Tebrau is a very popular service. Any train with good departure timings that you are planning to book less than 30 days before departure is sold out already.

Please note that RailTravel Station is not a KTM or any other train company’s website. It is simply my personal travel blog. If you have any grievances with KTM services, please note that I am probably with you too since I’m also a passenger.

And the reason why information is detailed enough is because I am not KTM – you didn’t really expect KTM to provide you with their own service information did you?


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    Train gets my vote as it took less than 45 minutes from arriving at W.ciq to leaving JB ciq. A relaxing experience without queues after the first one to show your ticket.
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