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RailTravel Station was officially launched on 1 July 2014 as a Facebook page for uploading my train pictures, and has evolved to a one-stop information website and blog for train services in Southeast Asia and beyond.

I am a railway fan based in Singapore, so RailTravel Station is an evolution of my hobby, I would say.

This site is a one-man show, not affiliated with any other companies, simply a travel blog. My intended purpose of creating RailTravel Station was to document my overland trips by rail. However, seeing the need to create an alternative for service information in Malaysia due to a lack of it, RailTravel Station has become one of the most popular local websites to contain such information.

Some website details…

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Average Daily Views

Average Monthly Views

Visitor Demographics
Singapore: +/- 40%
Malaysia: +/- 57%
Other countries: +/- 3%

Facebook Likes (19 March 2017)
4755 and counting

What I may consider…

  • Reviews of products and services
  • Content articles
  • Travel sponsorships
  • Brand ambassador

What I am unable to consider…

  • Any advertising on the advertisement boxes you see around the site.
    These are coordinated by WordPress.
  • Guest posts
    All posts will be produced by me for RailTravel Station.
  • Unrelated content to my website
    Kind of defeats the purpose for the both of us doesn’t it?

For advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please email to


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