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The 93 Class is the newest 6 car EMU for ETS services. Manufactured by CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., a fleet of 10 sets were ordered, 6 of which were assembled locally in Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.


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93 Class Seating Plans

Seating Plan ETS 93 Class Combined Severe Watermark 01.png
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KTM Train Ticket Booking Methods

Tickets are open for sale 180 days before departure except for the Shuttle Tebrau which opens 30 days before departure.

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How do I book tickets online?

Links to the KTM E-Ticket System are strikethroughed due to KTM’s own admission of the instability of their system here after Prime Minister Najib Razak personally posted on Facebook that there is such an issue here. Proceed using the KTM E-Ticket System at your own risk.


10 thoughts on “93 Class | ETS

  1. azwan says:

    Hi. I’m travelling from KL Sentral to Ipoh. The train at 1600hrs should be ETS Gold and 93 class. The seating plan from your website shows the number of seats available untill 15 ABCD. But when i try to book online via KTM e-tickets site it shows the seats available are untill 19ABCD. i’m asking because i want to book seats that have table (facing each other seats) for my family of 4. Can u help me clarify this matter as i don’t want to buy the wrong seats. TQ.

  2. syafiqah says:

    how can i change the seat? via online? or call ktm? I want to choose seat that has table that face to each other because I go with my friends.

    • RailTravel Station says:

      You have to personally go down to a KTM Intercity or ETS ticket counter to change it. Do note that this is considered an amendment and since each ticket is allowed to have one amendment only, you will not be able to further change your ticket details such as the date and time of travel.

  3. kjitn says:

    Hello, I’ve booked tickets via 12Go Asia, ETS 9204, KL to Butterworth, and have been allocated:
    Coach A, seats 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D.
    Do seats 2C and 2D have a window or any view outside at all? Is it worth trying to change these two seats?
    I’ve tried to contact them via their support page. They’ve confirmed the seats are forward facing (though doesn’t look like it from your diagram), but not whether two of us will be sitting next to a wall. Thanks.

  4. kjitn says:

    Thanks for confirming that – not sure why we’ve been allocated theses seats when there are others available (belatedly saw this on Easybook!).

    Thanks again.

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