How can I join this club?

RailTravel Station is not a club nor affiliated with any company. It is simply my personal travel blog.

Who are you?

I’m a railway fan based in Singapore, who enjoys rail journeys anywhere in the world (unless a certain system breaks down frequently). I am not a staff, so the information I have is available publicly before I post them. I know as much as you, basically. I do, however, prefer the railway than other modes of transport because I get to do what I love and yet get to my destination at a fair price. I also have a significant collection of railway models at home, especially Plarail.

Can I book my tickets through you?

In a way, yes. RailTravel Station is simply my personal travel blog, but to maintain the site (it costs money to purchase this domain), you can use the attached agent links on my site to help defray the cost of maintaining this website. Most, if not all, will charge less than KTM’s official channel anyway, so it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Some possible booking methods for KTM Intercity and ETS trains are:


Can I at least ask you questions about my journey then?

Yes! But what I can suggest is based only on my personal experiences and information readily available. I have no hidden secrets whatsoever to book special tickets or have access to information not available publicly.

Can I use your photos for my own site, Facebook Page, etc.?

This is tricky, but generally, for personal use, credit should be given to RailTravel Station. It’s like how you would avoid academic plagiarism or piracy. Simply typing “credit to owner (sic)” or worse, “credit to google (sic)”, is not acceptable. Be professional. If in doubt, ask me.

For media enquiries, please email to railtravelstation@gmail.com first before usage.

Many of the photos posted on this website or on Facebook has been used on personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, and some even use it for their own personal transport page without credit. Some even claim credit when the original RailTravel Station watermark remains on the picture.

RailTravel Station claims all rights to pictures and information produced by RailTravel Station. Copying the pictures to public Facebook pages, websites, Wikipedia or any other mass-media platform without credit is strictly forbidden.

Credit should at least be given to RailTravel Station by means of mentioning the name RailTravel Station and not in any other form at your own convenience eg. RailwayStation (sic), Railtravel (sic), Railway Travel (sic), Railway Track (sic), Rail and Train Station (sic), Railtravel Stesen (sic), or any other forms of distortion. If in doubt, use the copy and paste function.

For media enquiries, please email to railtravelstation@gmail.com first before usage.

Any discrepancies regarding the use of this site shall be interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Legal actions, if any, relative to the use of RailTravel Station shall be held in the courts of the Republic of Singapore.

Please do not cause future images to have a full-stretched watermark across the entire photo. New watermarks are now centered and huge thanks to the people who conveniently crop out my old watermarks.

How can I contact you?

You could comment below a related blog post, or head over to the RailTravel Station Facebook Page to comment or write a wall post for train-related queries. Alternatively, you may use this contact form and I will reply as soon as I can.

For media enquiries, please email to railtravelstation@gmail.com.

Can I advertise on your page?

Click here for more information.

For media enquiries, please email to railtravelstation@gmail.com.

Some links are not working!

Many links especially to external websites could be broken around RailTravel Station due to changes in the mapping of the external website. Most of the dead links have no new links ie. the information has been removed from the original source by the original source. Please understand that this is beyond my control.

The information posted here is wrong!

Please let me know if you think anything might be updated by commenting below the relevant post. Only actual accurate information, of course. Spammers are not welcome.

Where is your train? I have a complain/compliment/suggestion to make for your railway.

RailTravel Station is not a KTM or any other train company’s website. It is simply my personal travel blog. You may check out KTM’s website at www.ktmb.com.my or email to callcenter@ktmb.com.my for your enquiries. You can also tweet to KTM Komuter for your questions.

What time is the last train to…? / I want a train with this travel class at this time only.

RailTravel Station is not a KTM or any other train company’s website. It is simply my personal travel blog. Also, your comment is probably related to information already posted in the post you are commenting on. Please read the post kindly written for you before posting your comment. In the very unlikely event that the information is not available, you are probably at the wrong post. If some information is indeed unsearchable, it probably does not exist, for example, an ETS Silver service with private rooms from Changi Airport, Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand for a low low price of RM50 all in.

If in doubt, you may check out KTM’s website at www.ktmb.com.my or email to callcenter@ktmb.com.my for your enquiries. You can also tweet to KTM Komuter for your questions.

I don’t care about what you mentioned above, improve your train service now.

I will not further reply to persistent or ridiculous messages even though I have already personally replied to frequently asked questions. This entire website is self-funded and considered a third-party for information sharing. Moreover, I do not run trains nor book tickets, and it is over my power to control the railway. You may check out KTM’s website at www.ktmb.com.my or email to callcenter@ktmb.com.my for your enquiries.


  1. I did reblog couple of your excellent post. I also added your site to my sidebar with the link excellent info and photos I did a lot of research before But i think your site has some very good info well done jackie I also follow your FB page and will be happy to share your FB page

  2. I am travelling from KL sentral to JB sentral via ktm train 25, which shuttle train i need to book to go to woodlands singapore. Also my train is arriving JB Sentral at 6.15 am and shuttle is at 7.00 am, will i be able to catch that shuttle due to customs checking. How much time is taken by customs before boarding shuttle to woodlands.

    Also is there any luggage weight limit which i can carry in shuttle to woodlands.

  3. Hi, i need to check if there is morning train from KL Sentral to JB Sentral on 25/26/27 of
    December 2015. As per your website it only shows train depart from KL sentral @ 4pm. Please advise.

    1. The Ekspres Peninsular departs KL Sentral at 4.38am in the morning, thereafter the next train is the Ekspres Rakyat departing at 1.30pm and the Senandung Sutera at 10.30pm. If there is an error anywhere on my website, please let me know.

  4. Hi there, I have a few questions. I am taking the train number 20 (express peninsular) from jb sentral to alor star. Just want to confirm that to board train from jb sentral is the train station beside the jb immigration right? Cause i am traveling from singapore to jb. also, the one i booked is ADNS, is there a power socket included? seeing that my journey would be 16 hours, really hope i can get some work done on my laptop.
    Many thanks!

    1. If you are taking the Shuttle Tebrau from Woodlands CIQ, it will be the same place. If you are taking the bus, yes it is the station beside the immigration complex. There are no power sockets available on the Ekspres Peninsular.

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