KTM 25 Class Locomotive | EMD GM GT18LC-2

25104 27dn Kluang 01 No Watermark25105 0125106 Ekspres Rakyat Timuran No Watermark251062510725108 27dn Tumpat 01 No Watermark25205 Eastern Holiday No Watermark25205 Eastern Holiday Serdang No Watermark

The 25 Class, manufactured by EMD and classified as the EMD GM GT18LC-2, was originally ordered for shunting purposes but are strong enough to be used for mainline services, which is its current duty on the railway. The first batch of 12 arrived in 1991, and the second batch in 2002. The first batch of 12 locomotives bear the names of Malaysian islands, while the second batch of 5 bear names of precious stones.


  1. The Class 25 locomotive was manufactured by EMD, a subsidiary of Progress Rail, a Caterpillar company. They were not manufactured by the competitor GE.

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