Jakarta-Merak Access (KA Lokal Merak x KAI Commuter)

The line between Jakarta and Merak, the northwestern-most station in Java, is a cheap and popular route for access to Sumatra via a ferry crossing to Bakauheni.

With effect from 1 April 2017, the KRL Jabodetabek service will be extended to Rangkasbitung. With this new extended service along the Tanah Abang – Rangkasbitung Line, all Ekonomi and Lokal trains, namely KA Kalimaya, KA Langsam, KA Patas Merak/Banten Ekspres and KA Rangkas Jaya will cease to operate on this electrified single and double track sector. With effect from 17 July 2017, the KA Krakatau between Merak and Blitar will also cease to operate on this sector.

To access Merak from Jakarta, you will need to use the KRL Jabodetabek – Lokal Merak combination.

Route Map

TRAINS1M2 Jakarta Merak Access 02.png
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The new Lokal Merak operates between Merak and Rangkasbitung only. If you are travelling to or from Jakarta, you need to change trains at Rangkasbitung.

With this reduction of Ekonomi and Lokal train services at Angke, the station is now reopen for KRL services.


Jakarta (Tanah Abang) – Rangkasbitung – Merak

PT KAI Jakarta Merak Access 01.png
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Merak – Ranskasbitung – Jakarta (Tanah Abang)

PT KAI Merak Jakarta Access 01.png
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KRL Jabodetabek
Jakarta (Tanah Abang) – Rangkasbitung: Rp 8,000
Jakarta (Manggarai) – Rangkasbitung: Rp 8,000
Jakarta (Jakarta Kota) – Rangkasbitung: Rp 9,000
Bogor – Rangkasbitung: Rp 13,000

NOTE: If you are using the Kartu Multi Trip (KMT) or bank card for travel on the KRL Jabodetabek, a minimum value of Rp 13,000 is required in your card before you enter the ticket gates, regardless of final fare paid.

Lokal Merak
Rangkasbitung – Merak: Rp 3,000*
*Fare listed may be wrong. Feedback welcome.

Merak – Bakauheni Ferry
Adult: Rp 15,000
Child: Rp 9,000

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