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KTM 91 Class ETS

The 91 Class ETS is KTM’s first 6 car EMU, operating for ETS services. It is manufactured by Hyundai Rotem of Korea and Mitsubishi Electric of Japan. A total of 5 sets are currently in the fleet.

During the “Komuter Krisis” in 2012, some 91 Class EMUs were used as special “6 car Komuter” services operating on short-working KTM Komuter trips on busy sectors. This special service was ceased with the arrival of 92 Class EMUs.

As KTM Berhad has restricted Facebook access to RailTravel Station, RailTravel Station is unable to ask first-hand information when I need clarification from KTM Berhad regarding their services. As such, in reciprocity, RailTravel Station will only provide information that is provided by KTM Berhad.

91 Class ETS Interior

91 Class Interior 03

91 Class ETS Seating Plans

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KTM Passenger Coaches – Seats

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Singapore to Bangkok by Train
Singapura ke Bangkok dengan Keretapi

Singapore to Bangkok by Train Click here for details.
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KTM Berhad Train Timetables
Jadual waktu tren KTM Berhad

Click here to view all KTM Berhad train timetables for ETS, KTM Intercity, SkyPark Link, and KTM Komuter.

KTM Train Ticket Booking Methods
Kaedah Tempahan Tiket Keretapi KTM

Tickets are open for sale in set periods about 60 days before departure except for the Shuttle Tebrau which opens 30 days before departure. Tiket akan dibuka untuk dijual dalam jangka masa kira-kira 60 hari sebelum berlepas kecuali Shuttle Tebrau yang dibuka 30 hari sebelum berlepas.

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How do I book KTM train tickets online?
Bagaimanakah saya menempah tiket tren KTM dalam talian?

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To contact KTM Berhad:

Official Website

Call Center
Phone: +60 3 2267 1200
Email: callcenter@ktmb.com.my



KTM 91 Class EMU Sister Trains

IE Irish Rail 22000 Class InterCity Railcar Exploration 035IE Irish Rail 22000 Class InterCity Railcar Exploration 039

Iarnród Éireann-Irish Rail 22000 Class InterCity Railcar (ICR) built by Hyundai Rotem and introduced in 2009. However, the Irish sets are all DMUs rather than EMUs.


  1. Plse advice what is the difference between ets gold and ets premier seats? Thanks

  2. Train 9216 from KL Sentral to Butterwork – Which class is that train ?

      1. Thank you.. and Thanks a lot for putting this up.. Its a huge effort. And if you could give up-to date information, like latest changes in routes etc, we will never have to go find another blog !!!

  3. all ETS gold and platinum trains from kl sentral to butterworth are using class 93 only?

  4. I have checked the timetable. Only ETS Platinum travels from Sentral, KL to Butterworth. Can I have the seating plan please? We are seniors and prefer to choose seats facing forward.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi, I will be taking ETS9026 from Sentral Kuala Lumpur to ipoh and I’m confused with the seating plan as there’s 2 kinds of train. Which train plan should I be looking at? Thanks!!!

    1. I’m also confused with the seating. Is there place for bigger luggage? Maybe you found some information. Thanks.

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