The BDNF (Blue Day/Night First) is a generalization of JR 14 Series sleeping compartment coaches (OHANE, ORONE) donated by the Japanese Government used on previous Blue Train services in Japan and the Malayan Tiger Train in Malaysia.

ORONE 15 3001 (A-Sleeper) (BDNF 1101)

BDNF A-Sleeper 01
BDNF A-Sleeper Interior 01
BDNF A-Sleeper Interior 02

OHANE 15 2004 (B-SOLO) (BDNF 1102)

BDNF B-SOLO Interior 01
BDNF B-SOLO Interior 02
BDNF B-SOLO Interior 03
BDNF B-SOLO Interior 04

Former JNR coach numbers matched with KTM coach numbers

  • オロネ 15-3001 (A-Sleeper) as BDNF 1101
  • オハネ 15-2004 (B-SOLO) as BDNF 1102

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