ASC (INKA) • Air-conditioned Second Class

ASC (INKA) (Air-conditioned Second Class)

The ASC (Air-conditioned Second Class) from INKA is KTM’s newest fleet of coaches with improvements in passenger comfort including television sets for entertainment and real time information, power sockets at each pair of seats, automatic doors for passenger saloons and toilets with waste tank systems.

The ASC (INKA) can be most easily identified by the stainless steel and bold blue keris livery on the side of the coach.

ASC (INKA) Interior

The ASC (INKA) consists of 60 seats in a fixed forward and reverse direction, in a 2+2 configuration.

Tray tables are provided at seats on Rows 2 to 14.

The legroom available on a typical row of seats on the ASC (INKA).

A universal power socket is available at each pair of seats of the ASC (INKA), located by the window. (Ratio of 2 passengers to 1 power socket.)

The gangway door on the ASC (INKA) is said to be automatic – push the button to open the door. However, on this trip, the automatic door function was not in use, and was fixed in the open position throughout.

Squatting and sitting toilet cubicles
are available on the ASC (INKA).

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