83 Class | KTM Komuter

2957dn Padang Besar Butterworth after Thaksinarath 24

The 83 Class is a 3-car electric multiple unit (EMU) operating for KTM Komuter. They can be found running on the KTM Komuter Northern SectorKTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector and SkyPark Link. They are built by Hyundai Precision of South Korea and Marubeni of Japan. They are the last remaining 3 car EMUs to remain in regular service.

The 83 Class EMU featured a mixture of longitudinal and transverse seating during its inception. The seating configuration for surviving sets was converted to full longitudinal seating to increase the carrying capacity of the train. In late-2015, two sets (EMU 25 & EMU 33) were refurbished to full transverse seating with seats salvaged from 81 Class EMUs to provide a greater level of comfort for passsengers travelling longer distances on the KTM Komuter Northern Sector. These two sets are now serving on the SkyPark Link with a new external livery.

83 Class | KTM Komuter Northern Sector
All trains (EMU 19 – EMU 40) except EMU25, EMU29, EMU30 & EMU33

83 Class EMU39 EMU40 Bukit Mertajam 02

The 83 Class EMUs are the primary rolling stock found on the KTM Komuter Northern Sector, with 92 Class supplementing train services whenever there are insufficient rolling stock to serve on the line (daily services as of now).

Interior of 83 Class
KTM Komuter Northern Sector | Longitudinal Seating

83 Class Interior 01

Longitudinal seating allows for a greater carrying capacity on board the 83 Class EMU. All 83 Class EMU sets running on the KTM Komuter Northern Sector have a similar interior.

Interior of 83 Class (Original)
KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector | Mixed Longitudinal and Transverse Seating

83 Class Interior Old 01.jpg

The 83 Class EMUs were the first to have a mixture of longitudinal and transverse seating, making it the first KTM Komuter train set to feature longitudinal seating. It allowed a good mix of seat choices for passengers, as those travelling long distances may sit in the transverse seats in the centre of the car for greater comfort, and for short-distance travel, on the longitudinal seats near the door for a quicker exit.

All 83 Class EMU sets no longer feature this original seat layout.

83 Class | SkyPark Link
EMU 23, EMU 25, EMU29, EMU30 & EMU33

SkyPark Link 2803dn KL Sentral Terminal SkyPark 058

The 83 Class EMUs are the sole rolling stock found on the SkyPark Link, with a repainted exterior and refurbished seats on all five dedicated SkyPark Link sets. Two types of distinct interiors can be found, namely, full transverse seating with salvaged seats from 81 Class EMUs and full longitudinal seating as per the existing layout. Each set serving on the SkyPark Link also has a different interior combination as shown below.

Interior of EMU 23
SkyPark Link | Longitudinal Seating | Unknown Interior Decals

EMU 23 is not seen on passenger service yet.

Interior of EMU 25
SkyPark Link | Transverse Seating | Complete Interior Decals

83 Class EMU25 SkyPark Link Interior 02.JPG

Interior of EMU 29
SkyPark Link | Longitudinal Seating | Incomplete Interior Decals

83 Class EMU29 SkyPark Link Interior 01.JPG

Interior of EMU 30
SkyPark Link | Longitudinal Seating | Complete Interior Decals

SkyPark Link 2823dn KL Sentral Terminal SkyPark 033

Interior of EMU 33
SkyPark Link | Transverse Seating | Incomplete Interior Decals

83 Class EMU25 Komuter Utara Interior 01.JPG