AEC • Air-conditioned Economy Class

AEC Exterior 002

AEC (Air-conditioned Economy Class)

The AEC (Air-conditioned Economy Class) consists of 74 seats in a fixed forward and reverse directions.

The AEC is no longer in operation.

AEC Interior (Original Condition)


AEC Interior (Shuttle Timur Condition)

AEC Interior 005AEC Interior 006AEC Interior 007

AEC with Surau Interior
The AEC with Surau is no longer in service.

AEC with Surau 01
Inside the AEC with Surau. The partition for the Surau can be seen at the end of the coach.

AEC with Surau 02
Inside the Surau.

AEC with Surau 03
Space to perform the Wudu.

The AEC with Surau is no longer in service.

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