KA Walahar Ekspres: Jakarta Tanjung Priok and Jakarta Kemayoran to Cikampek and Purwakarta by Train

The Walahar Ekspres is an Ekonomi AC (Lokal) train serving the Tanjung Priok – Cikampek – Purwakarta route. 3 pairs of trains serve the route daily, along with 2 pairs of Jatiluhur Ekspres trains serving the slightly shorter Tanjung Priok – Cikampek route.

These 5 pairs of trains bridge the gap between the city of Jakarta and the outer towns west of Jakarta, in particular smaller stations between Lemahabang and Purwakarta which are currently not served by the frequent KRL Bekasi Line trains. They are also the only locomotive-hauled trains to serve Jakarta Tanjung Priok station and the only passenger trains to take the shortcut line on the wye junction between Ancol and Rajawali to access Tanjung Priok.

Purchase your ticket at the dedicated Go Show counters for local trains at Tanjung Priok. Flat fares of Rp.6,000 (~S$0.58) apply for the Walahar Ekspres regardless of distance travelled. For the Jatiluhur Ekspres, flat fares of Rp.5,000 (~S$0.49) apply.

As I was stopped from taking photos of the station by the strict security personnel immediately after taking the above photo of the ticket counter, there are no photos of the boarding process at Tanjung Priok station.

Preparing to depart Tanjung Priok station.

The route maps of the Walahar Ekspres and the Jatiluhur Ekspres on board the train.

The Walahar Ekspres operates with Ekonomi AC (Lokal) coaches with a capacity of 106 passengers per coach.

My Walahar Ekspres ticket for the 17-minute journey to Kemayoran. Really wished that I could travel further though, but I had a flight to catch back to Singapore later in the afternoon.

Departing Tanjung Priok station on the quadruple-track sector.

A different side of Jakarta when seen from the train.

Approaching Ancol station.

The Walahar Ekspres takes the line that leads to Rajawali, bypassing the longer and more crowded Jakarta Kota – Kampung Bandan junction.

From this line, you can see the triangular platform of Ancol in a better curved angle.

The train narrowly bypasses houses and structures by the side of the tracks along this shortcut.

Merging back onto the main line at Rajawali station.

Approaching Kemayoran station.

17 minutes was all I had, but at least now I can say that I’ve taken a train on the line between Ancol and Rajawali.

Despite this train operating as the Walahar Ekspres, the train bears the name of the Jatiluhur Ekspres on the side of the train cars. Perhaps someone forgot to switch them out when the train arrived Tanjung Priok on the previous trip.

At Kemayoran, I got on the next KRL Loop Line train to get back to the hotel before heading back to Singapore.

PT KAI Train Ticket Booking Methods
For Eksekutif, Bisnis and Ekonomi AC only. All other tickets are only sold at stations where the train serves.

  • PT KAI counters
  • Online from PT KAI‘s ticketing website but foreign credit cards do not work
  • Online from Tiket.com – foreign credit cards accepted

Tickets are open for sale 30 to 90 days before departure, depending on train service.

Hotel Booking

Attractions Booking

  • Klook (Get FREE $4.30*/RM12.90* voucher for your first purchase when you sign up here! *subject to exchange rate)


  1. I dont know why PT. KAI strict photography in tanjung priok station (and other major station), maybe they have a nuclear weapon inside? Haha

  2. I took many pics in the Tanjung Priok station. Nobody stopped me! 😂😂😂

    PT KRL should increase the frequency for Tg Priok-Kota vv route. Why? With so many people living in Tg Priok and with more people are going there (for PELNI ships, Tarif Biasa buses, cheap lodgings and also some fun if you know that I mean 😏), there is a potential. Anyway, Transjakarta buses are great alternatives.

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