KKKL Travel & Tours from Singapore Tanjong Katong Complex (near Paya Lebar MRT) to Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square by Bus • Around the Malay Peninsular with JOM NAIK KERETAPI

On 25 February 2016, JOM NAIK KERETAPI embarked on a trip around the Malay Peninsular from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Hat Yai, Thailand with the northbound journey via Sungai Golok on the eastern side of the Malay Peninsular, and the southbound journey via Padang Besar, on the western side of the Malay Peninsular.

I began my trip with a bus ride up to Kuala Lumpur to meet up with the group. I would have taken the train, but I took an earlier trip as I had some errands to run in KL before the trip began.

KKKL Travel & Tours is the Singapore-based counterpart of KKKL Express Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. They provide bus trips focusing on the eastern and north-eastern part of Singapore with convenient departure points such as Sengkang MRT, Tampines MRT, Katong V (Marine Parade), Tanjong Katong Complex (near Paya Lebar MRT), Lavender MRT and Textile Centre (Jalan Sultan/near Nicoll Highway MRT). I took KKKL because of past positive experiences while travelling with them and for convenience. I might not have been able to make it to KL in time should I have went for the cheaper option by travelling to JB first.

You can book your ticket online through Easybook, BusOnlineTicket or at the counters at Katong V or Textile Centre. There is no additional markup when you book your ticket online through Easybook or BusOnlineTicket.

1 hour before departure, KKKL provided an SMS message on my bus departure. A nice personal touch before the journey even began.

I chose to depart from Tanjong Katong Complex since it’s more convenient for me. Also it is the second and final pick-up point before heading off to KL.

A one-way ticket to KL from Katong V or Tanjong Katong Complex during off-peak periods costs $22.

As there are some redevelopment works around Paya Lebar MRT, the walking distance to Tanjong Katong Complex is extended by around 2 minutes. Follow the many signs along the way to Tanjong Katong Complex.

The bus will stop in the car park as it only makes a quick pick-up. At the origin of Katong V, you will be able to board the bus earlier as the bus will wait there before the departure time.

The bus arrived at 7.45am sharp. After a quick pick-up and checking of tickets, the bus went off its way to Malaysia.

As it was an off-peak season, only 4 passengers were on board in this 27-seater bus. I found myself having 9 seats at the rear of the bus.

KKKL uses the Second Link via Tuas and Tanjung Kupang. No surprise detours to Larkin or any other towns to pick up more passengers.

Crossing the Second Link into Malaysia.

Approaching Tanjung Kupang.

The bus makes a stop of around 15 mninutes at Pagoh R&R, the middle point between Singapore and KL.

This is a popular rest stop among many other bus companies too, to and from various destinations. Take note of your bus look or number in case there are multiple buses parked beside each other.

The bus will first make a stop at Berjaya Times Square (under Imbi monorail station), followed by 5 Elements Hotel in Chinatown and lastly, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). You can choose your destination when you book your ticket, but if there are last-minute changes, be sure to inform the driver.

Book your Singapore-originating or Singapore-bound KKKL tickets at Easybook or BusOnlineTicket, or head down to their offices at Katong V or Textile Centre.

Later on in the evening, I would make my way to TBS to join the JOM NAIK KERETAPI group to Rantau Panjang by Perdana Ekspres.

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