KRL Jabodetabek Tanjung Priok Line

PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek recently relaunched the Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok Line on 21 December 2015. Coloured in pink on the map, the train takes 20 minutes to travel between the 2 terminals, making a brief stop at Kampung Bandan.

Jakarta Kota railway station was opened on 8 October 1929 and today consists of 12 electrified platforms to serve KRL Commuter Line electric trains and diesel-hauled local trains to further destinations.

The train to Tanjung Priok is operated by a single set of KRL INKA i9000 (KRL KfW) made up of 4 cars, probably due to the current low demand of the line and the short platforms at Kampung Bandan.

Before the train departs, the cleaning crew comes onboard to ensure the cleanliness of the train.

Departing Jakarta Kota station. To the left, the line heads to the Kampung Bandan ground level platforms towards Jatinegara and beyond, while the line to the right heads to Gambir, Manggarai and beyond. This train takes the middle line to the Kampung Bandan upper platforms and onwards to Tanjung Priok.

Pedestrians and residents making way for the train, probably a new sight since its just been introduced. Trains on this line never run faster than 40km/h.

Entering Kampung Bandan station.

The train makes a very brief stop of a few seconds since there are no passengers alighting and boarding, and the train is already late by a minute.

Passing by a homemade cart for local residents’ transport.

The train slows down for this family of goats who seem to think that the only way to run away from the train is straight ahead.

Multiple horn blasts from the train later, they ran sideways, thankfully. The train regained speed for a short while.

Passing by Ancol station. This station is not for passenger service on the reopened line.

Ancol consists of 4 platforms, located on the junction from Tanjung Priok splitting to Kampung Bandan, bound for Jakarta Kota and Rajawali, bound for Jatinegara and beyond.

From Ancol, the line to Tanjung Priok is quadruple-tracked, probably to cater for heavy freight activity.

Waiting for more goats to clear the track.

Entering Tanjung Priok railway station. The station used to serve KRL Express and diesel-hauled local trains prior to 2000 when it closed for passenger service till 2009, and closed for passenger service again from 1 November 2014. The only passenger train operating from Tanjung Priok now is the KRL to Jakarta Kota.

The station is now used to store extra coaches and freight wagons.

The KRL INKA i9000 (KRL KfW) at Tanjung Priok.

Tanjung Priok railway station was completed on 6 April 1925, 1 kilometer south of the original station by the harbour. The line was opened in 1885 to cater to the port of Tanjung Priok which opened in 1877, due to the increased maritime traffic thanks to the opening of the Suez Canal.

The grand facade of the train entrance.

The interior of the station.

The new ticketing system has also been installed in this station…

… while preserving the original gates to the platform.

The waiting hall of the station.

Ticket booths for the KRL.

The original facade of the station has been maintained well.

The KRL Jabodetabek Commuter Line charges distance-based fares from any destination in the KRL Jabodetabek Commuter Line network. You may change to the Tanjung Priok line at Jakarta Kota or Kampung Bandan stations. There is no need to tap out and tap in again to change to the Tanjung Priok Line.

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