Resumption of KTM Intercity Services (1 March 2016 onwards)

Click here to visit the dedicated KTM Berhad service information page.

Tickets for the Ekspres Rakyat, Ekspres Peninsular and Senandung Sutera are on sale as usual from today, 17 February 2016.

Last update: 10.25am, 17 February 2016

The Ekspres Rakyat, Ekspres Peninsular and Senandung Sutera will be suspended from 1 March 2016 onwards. The 3 services ply between JB Sentral and KL Sentral, and onwards to and from Ipoh, Butterworth, Padang Besar and/or Hat Yai.

All other train tickets, including all ETS services, the Tren Rakyat Timuran, the Shuttle 61/62 and the shuttle Tebrau are available for sale.

The official press release can be found here.

To view the timetable of all trains, please click here.

The online E-Ticket System can be found here.

For more information, please contact KTM at their call center at +603-22671200, email at or visit their website at

Click here to visit the dedicated KTM Berhad service information page.


  1. So the obvious question is, where’s the timetable for the JB-Gemas InterCity services that will be the replacement for these cancelled trains, connecting with ETS trains for KL and Butterworth?

  2. Did I understand correctly that most probably there will be 2 separate trains instead of 1 disel? First one goes from JB Sentral->Gemas and 2nd one Gemas->KL Sentral?

    If so and the timetable will remain same then it is quite inconvinient cause currently arrival time to Gemas is in the middle of night (around 4am). So no quality sleep anymore 🙁

  3. OK, clear. As I need to get ticket for March 4th I’m thinking if it’s worth waiting or choose other options (bus or plane).
    But I have understood that previously KTM have made this kind of announcements in the middle of month and we hope that it will be so this time also?

    1. Is your travel urgent? What I can advise now is that there will definitely be trains, just that the timings, routes, type of train or type of class may or may not be the same as current. If you need to secure a ticket to get to your destination by a certain time, I’d suggest you look for alternatives.

  4. My friend and I want to travel by train from Butterworth to Bangkok on the afternoon of March 15th. I understand that Train 36 will not be operating straight through then. Which train service would we book and how can we reserve seats? We are living in Singapore. Thank you.

    1. No such news, the only affected services were the Ekspres Rakyat, Ekspres Peninsular and Senandung Sutera but tickets are now available again – the suspension is suspended. Train 36 had been available all along, there has been no news of any cancellation or truncation of it.

  5. So, are you saying that Train 36 will still run from Butterworth through to Bangkok after March 1st? If so, do we have to book online through or do you think we would be ok booking the day before while we are in Penang? Thank you.

    1. Yes, there has been no such news of train 35 and 36 being truncated to anywhere. You would probably prefer to buy your tickets from KTM counters directly. You can purchase it at JB Sentral. Note that you can only purchase the northbound International Express from KTM (train 36) and not the southbound 35.

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