Lounge Review – SATS Premier Lounge 2 (Changi Airport Terminal 2): Possibly A Well-Stocked Lounge, Just Don’t Visit It Too Late At Night

With the 50% off ReadyLounge promotion when purchased through the Ready To Travel app (it’s actually created by SATS themselves), I bought a visit to the SATS Premier Lounge 2 at Changi Airport Terminal 2, before I departed on my overnight flight to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific.

I originally purchased my lounge visit for Terminal 1, till I realised that Cathay Pacific actually departs from Terminal 4 when I travelled in January 2018. Thankfully, the support staff at Ready To Travel was very responsive and allowed me to change it to Terminal 2, the nearest terminal to get to from Terminal 4, without any trouble. Unfortunately, ReadyLounge access is not available yet for Terminal 4 as since the Blossom Lounge is co-operated by SATS and Plaza Premium Lounge, their inner workings might be a little bit complicated for now.

However, just before we entered the lounge, the very nice lady at the reception did inform us that they were running out of food. But I guess it wasn’t much of a big deal really, since we didn’t have much time to actually lounge inside as the transfer from and to Terminal 4 took longer than I expected.

For Muslim readers, you may wish to note that while the lounge itself isn’t Halal-certified, the food catering are all from Halal-certified suppliers. The drinks section still consists of alcoholic beverages.

At about 11.30pm, the leftover food were only their signature Laksa without Laksa gravy, Chicken Rice without the Chicken, but there’s a salty Indian-Japanese fusion kind of curry to go with it (it was unlabelled, so I didn’t know what it actually was), and mashed potatoes for the hot food section.

A selection of breads, cereals, fruit juices, coffee/tea, alcohol and canned soft drinks were readily available. However, the Thai mango salad and the usual self-service salad bar were running out too.

As compared to the SATS Premier Lounge 3 at Terminal 3, the dining section is elongated and seems to fit more people comfortably.

In the lounging area, the chairs were sufficiently comfortable but the seat backs were shorter than the ones in Terminal 3, so you couldn’t really rest your head on it without tilting it backwards, neither was there a side panel for you to rest your head on if you wish.

There are private cubicles if you wish to catch up on some work or if you’d like the Ichiran experience to not speak to anyone and have your own little space to yourself. There is a tablet placed inside for you to surf the net, with an empty space beside it with charging ports for your own gadgets.

Toilets in this lounge were thankfully sufficient with a logical public toilet-like layout unlike the individual ones in Terminal 3.

Overall, the SATS Premier Lounge 2 in Terminal 2 seems like a pretty good deal and a comfortable place to hang out if you were to visit it when airlines utilising it have departures, since the lounge would be well-stocked then. When the lounge is void of passengers, so are the food and amenities, such as toothbrushes. But I guess that does make economical sense for SATS.

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Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this code works for everyone as I received it in my email that was registered to my account of which I have made prior purchases, but I did successfully book my subsequent lounge visit with it. Also, this is NOT an advertorial.


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