Lumo 1E84 from Edinburgh Waverley to Newcastle Central by Train

Lumo 1E84 Train from Edinburgh Waverley to Newcastle Central 

Another trip to Newcastle, another trip with Lumo. Lumo is a British open-access operator operating on the East Coast Main Line between Edinburgh Waverley and London King’s Cross. I was heading into London and though of trying out another open-access operator, Grand Central, to get there. However, to get to its northern terminus at Sunderland first, I had to get to Newcastle. Lumo 1E84’s good 11.14am departure time allowed me to connect comfortably onwards to Sunderland to catch my onward Grand Central train to London King’s Cross.

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

My Lumo 1E84 was departing from Platform 5 again.

The striking blue Lumo train at Platform 5.

There are no ticket gates leading to Platform 5.

Lumo Class 803 AT300

My train was a British Rail Class 803 AT300, operated by the 5th Lumo unit again.

Train in formation is provided on the LED signs near the train doors. This train is bound for London King’s Cross, but where’s the fun in catching yet another direct train again?

Boarding the Lumo 1E84.

The interior of the Lumo Class 803 AT300. Lumo offers only Standard Class seating, so this interior 2+2 configuration is more or less the same for all 5 cars.

The legroom on board Lumo Standard Class.

A 3-pin and 2 USB power sockets are located under the seat in front, which makes it a lot easier to plug in a charger.

Seat reservations are also labelled on top of each row of seats.

It was a very full train with all seats reserved. Passengers travelling without a seat reservation (ie. not on a Lumo Advance ticket) will probably have to stand all the way to London.

My ticket for the Lumo 1E84 train from Edinburgh Waverley to Newcastle Central which costed me £8.70 after the 26-30 Railcard discount.

My Lumo 1E84 departed from Edinburgh Waverley on time at 11.14am.

Tickets were checked by the Lumo conductor after departing from Edinburgh Waverley and the welcome announcement was made.

The coastal scenery near the border of Scotland and England.

Crossing over the Royal Border Bridge over the River Tweed at Berwick-upon-Tweed, an old border between England and Scotland. The border is now north of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Morpeth Railway Station

Making a brief stop at Morpeth Railway Station.

Passing by Heaton Train Maintenance Depot.

Entering Newcastle.

Passing through Newcastle East Junction from the High Level Bridge.

Passing by Genting Casino Newcastle.

Newcastle Railway Station

My Lumo 1E84 arrived at Newcastle Railway Station on time at 12.47pm.

This train will continue on non-stop to London King’s Cross, making it faster than LNER.

Crossing the linkbridge within the platform area to the exit.

Heading through the ticket gates.

Heading out of Newcastle Railway Station.

The façade of Newcastle Railway Station.

The Royal Station Hotel is located to the left of Newcastle Railway Station when looking at the façade.

From here, I continued on to Sunderland by Tyne and Wear Metro.


Lumo offered a cheap and speedy travel option for me from Edinburgh to Newcastle, costing me just £8.70 with a 26-30 Railcard and with a journey time of just 1 hour and 33 minutes. Lumo is a game-changer for travelling on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) with competition with the incumbent operators, providing more choices and cheaper fares for passengers now.

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