RapidKL 4-Car Monorail

Manufactured by Scomi, 2 sets of the new 4-car monorail commenced operations on 20 December 2014. The capacity of the line will be doubled after all 13 sets are delivered and operational next year.

As compared to the original batches of 2-car monorails which operates with advertisements since day 1, the new trains do not spot any advertisements at all, and are in 2 liveries – red and blue.

Notable improvements for passenger movements include wider doors and more handgrips. The air-conditioning is notably more powerful as well.

There are also priority areas similar to the Kelana Jaya Line.

Similar to the original 2-car monorail, the center seats still double up as bogie covers.

An emergency door release knob and emergency passenger intercom are also available for safety improvements.

The route map is also updated to feature more on the actual line and interchanges, instead of the advertisements in the 2-car monorail.

Emergency ventilation windows are also installed.

New passenger information systems include the LED texts and television screens in addition to the audio announcements.

The driver’s cab is also more private now.

Getting Here
Location: KL Sentral – Titiwangsa
Company: RapidKL
Line: Monorail Line
Fare: RM1.20-RM2.50


  1. Just on broad of this train lately! This new 4cars monorail has definitely help in supporting to transport the heavy crowd during peak hours! I wouldnt have even notice it’s a ‘4cars’ monorail if u hadnt post this entry. No wonder i feel so different abroading it. Haha. Usually we need to ‘squuuueeze’ our way with each other to get into the old 2cars monorail. *phews! Hopefully all will be upgraded soon! Thank you for sharing these informative posts that enable us to gain knowledges nd insights about malaysia’s railway system. Keep it posting!

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