Stagecoach North Scotland Bus 80 from John o’ Groats to Thurso by Bus

Stagecoach Bus 80 from John o’ Groats to Thurso

Stagecoach Bus 80 is a rural bus service from John o’ Groats to Thurso. Continuing on my loop around Caithness, I headed over to Thurso next, which is probably where most tourists would be overnighting at when visiting Caithness as there are more facilities there than Wick.

John o’ Groats

I headed back to the bus stop at John o’ Groats Car and Coach Park in good time to catch the next Stagecoach Bus 80 to Thurso.

The bus stop at is a simple shelter with a full-height back to cover from the cold wind.

I’ll be catching the 11.25am bus. Do note that there has been changes to the timetable since December 2022, and the timings in the above picture does not apply any more. Click here for the Stagecoach Caithness bus timetable effective December 2022.

A QR code was available to scan for scheduled bus arrival times.

Tourists started to pour in just as I was about to leave John o’ Groats.

My Stagecoach Bus 80 was arriving at John o’ Groats in good time.

Stagecoach Bus 80

The Stagecoach Bus 80 lays over at John o’ Groats for the driver to have his break before starting on the return trip from John o’ Groats to Thurso.

Payment is made directly on board. Inform the driver on what ticket you need, a single, return, or day ticket, and pay directly by cash, contactless, or a debit or credit card on board.

I already had my Caithness DayRider ticket which I had purchased on board my initial Stagecoach Bus 77, my first bus ride of the day. The Caithness DayRider ticket gives me 1 day of unlimited rides around the Caithness area including Wick, John o’ Groats, and Thurso, and I simply showed this to the driver upon boarding. This costed me £7.70 during my visit, but the fare has since gone up to £8.70.

The interior of the Stagecoach bus operating on 80 which uses a former intercity coach.

It was a completely private bus this morning for me again.

A wheelchair space is available in front, but being a local bus service now, I’m not sure if this is still in use.

The legroom is good for UK standards.

A fold-down table is also provided behind each seat except for seats without a seat in front of it.

A 3-pin charging socket is available in front, between the pair of seats in front, which makes it easily visible and accessible.

The toilet at the rear is locked out of service.

My Stagecoach Bus 80 departed from John o’ Groats on time at 11.25am.

Turning right towards Thurso.

The fog started to come in again.

Stagecoach Bus 80 goes through village roads for better coverage for the local community.

Thankfully my visit at wasn’t so foggy so I could enjoy the views.

Heading on single-lane dirt roads on a full-sized coach.

There are local passengers along the way who seem to be regulars, and the driver and passengers know each other.

Heading back on the main road.

Even on the main road, some stretches are single-lane and there are crossing points where an opposing vehicle has to stop to allow another to pass.

Heading along winding and hilly rural roads.

Dunnet Head is the true northernmost point of mainland Great Britain, but no buses go to the tip directly.

More local passengers are waiting at rural bus stops.

Proper roads and buildings start to transition in at Castletown, when approaching Thurso.

Looking out to Dunnet Head.

The fog started to clear up when approaching Thurso.

Heading along residential areas in Thurso.

Crossing over the River Thurso.

Passing by Sir John Square Park and St Peter’s and St Andrew’s Church.


Turning into Royal Bank of Scotland bus stop, the final stop of my Stagecoach Bus 80 route. This bus stop has since been renamed to Olrig St Santander to better reflect the location on the Stagecoach Caithness bus timetable effective December 2022.

My Stagecoach Bus 80 arrived at Thurso Royal Bank of Scotland at 12.24pm, making this a journey time of 59 minutes, exactly as advertised at the John o’ Groats bus stop.

My Stagecoach Bus 80 went off service after alighting me.

There is unfortunately no bus route information on the bus stop stand.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is located a few meters away from the bus stop.

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