Stagecoach North Scotland Bus 77 from Wick to John o’ Groats by Bus

Stagecoach Bus 77 from Wick to John o’ Groats

Stagecoach Bus 77 was a rural bus service from Wick to John o’ Groats. Due to the limited services of Stagecoach Bus 77, I had to start my day early in order to get a connection to visit John o’ Groats and Thurso in a single day. As such, I took the first Stagecoach Bus 77 of the day at 8.30am from Wick.

Stagecoach Bus 77 is no longer in operation. Stagecoach Bus 80 now replaces the route of Stagecoach Bus 77 with services reduced further to twice a day. Click here for the Stagecoach Caithness bus timetable effective December 2022.

Wick Town Hall

I headed to the bus stop opposite Wick Town Hall on the side heading north in good time to wait for the 8.30am Stagecoach Bus 77 which would be the first bus stop served in Wick according to Google Maps and the Stagecoach timetable.

To a morning awakening without coffee, route information of Stagecoach Bus 77 was not available.

A QR code was available to scan for scheduled bus arrival times, and thankfully, Stagecoach 77 was listed there.

About 3 minutes till scheduled departure, a Not in Service bus pulled up at the bus stop while the driver goes to the back of the bus to prepare something.

Stagecoach Bus 77

The bus door opened at 8.30am with the EDS changed to 77 for Gills Bay. Yup, that’s my bus to John o’ Groats.

Payment is made directly on board. Inform the driver on what ticket you need, a single, return, or day ticket, and pay directly by cash, contactless, or a debit or credit card on board.

As I would be going around Caithness for the day, I simply purchased a Caithness DayRider ticket which gives me 1 day of unlimited rides around the Caithness area including Wick, John o’ Groats, and Thurso. This costed me £7.70 during my visit, but the fare has since gone up to £8.70.

The interior of the Stagecoach bus operating on 77 which uses a former intercity coach.

A wheelchair space is available in front, but being a local bus service now, I’m not sure if this is still in use.

The toilet at the rear is locked out of service.

It was a completely private bus this morning for me.

The legroom is good for UK standards.

A fold-down table is also provided behind each seat except for seats without a seat in front of it.

Being a former intercity coach, overhead storage racks are also available.

USB and 3-pin charging sockets are available in front, between the pair of seats in front, which makes it easily visible and accessible.

Heating and reading lights are also provided.

The top window was also open for ventilation to let the cold air in.

It was quite a misty drive this morning.

Wick Tesco

Entering Wick Tesco.

Wick Tesco is (was?) a major bus interchange in Wick with many bus services terminating or passing through here, extending out from the town centre.

Taking the roundabout at Wick Tesco to the bus stop.

Another Stagecoach bus follows behind to serve Wick Tesco.

No passengers boarded at Wick Tesco, and I was on my private bus on my way to John o’ Groats.

Some scenic far north views from the bus.

The fog quickly came in with very low visibility.

Passing by the junction to Duncansby Head. Duncansby Head is the most northeasterly tip of Great Britain, but unfortunately, no buses go there, and it is a 45-minute walk from John o’ Groats to Duncansby Head.

Heading straight on to John o’ Groats.

John o’ Groats

Entering the John o’ Groats Car and Coach Park.

My arrived at John o’ Groats Car and Coach Park at 9.01am.

Stagecoach Bus 77 continues on to Gills Bay for the Gills Bay-St Margaret’s Hope ferry in the Orkney Islands.

The bus stop at John o’ Groats Car and Coach Park.

Route information is available at the John o’ Groats bus stop.

If heading back to Wick, the bus departs just a few minutes after arriving, as the Stagecoach Bus 77 loops at Gills Bay. Stagecoach Bus 77 is no longer in operation.

I would be continuing on Stagecoach Bus 80 to Thurso later.

The map around John o’ Groats.

I was still early at John o’ Groats so much of the facilities were still closed.

The John o’ Groats Signpost

The main purpose of everyone visiting John o’ Groats is to take a photo of and with the John o’ Groats Signpost, probably one of the most photographed signs in the UK. This marks the “Journey’s End”, the touristy northernmost tip of mainland Great Britain.

There is a small harbour ahead for the John o’ Groats ferry to Orkney.

A separate board beside the John o’ Groats Signpost is available to paste stickers on to avoid damaging the John o’ Groats Signpost.

The coast of John o’ Groats.

First and Last Souvenir Shop

A very well-stocked souvenir shop is also available at John o’ Groats, named First and Last.

John o’ Groats Ferry

John o’ Groats Ferry has an office by the caravan park selling tickets for the passenger ferry service from John o’ Groats to Orkney, as well as an Orkney Day Tour and Wildlife Cruises.

John o’ Groats Brewery The Last House

John o’ Groats Brewery is located in the in the “ Last House” in John O’ Groats. It was still in the early morning, and they weren’t opened yet.

John o’ Groats Trail

John o’ Groats Trail is a 147 mile coastal walking route from John o’ Groats to Inverness, which I don’t think I’m up for it.

There is also a memorial to those who have lost their lives at sea around the Pentland Firth with rough weather and rocky cliffs around.

Stagecoach Bus 77 is no longer in operation. Stagecoach Bus 80 now replaces the route of Stagecoach Bus 77 with services reduced further to twice a day. Click here for the Stagecoach Caithness bus timetable effective December 2022.

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