Airport Coach from klia2 to KL Sentral by Bus

Airport Coach Bus from klia2 to KL Sentral

I had exited from klia2 Malaysia customs at 12.05pm, so I had the opportunity to catch the next departing KLIA Transit train at 12.22pm. However, the KLIA Ekspres app wouldn’t issue my ticket even though my credit card OTP had passed, and I missed the 12.22pm train. So between an RM49.50 12.42pm next train departure, or an RM15 12.45pm bus departure to KL Sentral, I chose the latter to save RM34.50 in cash.

klia2 Bus Terminal

Heading down to klia2 Bus Terminal.

Purchasing my bus ticket in cash on the spot at the ticket counter.

My ticket for the next bus to KL Sentral by Airport Coach at 12.45pm.

The Airport Coach would pick passengers up from Berth A5.

5 minutes before departure, the Airport Coach showed up at klia2. This bus had originated from KLIA earlier. The driver alights to call for passengers to KL Sentral, before directing passengers to put their bags in the luggage compartment first before queuing for boarding.

My ticket was checked with a tear off the QR code. Following which, I was allowed up onto the bus.

The interior of the Airport Coach coach in 2+2 configuration.

The view of the bus interior from my seat.

The legroom available on the Airport Coach.

The Airport Coach departed right on time from klia2 at 12.45pm.

Passing by klia2 Car Park Block B.

Passing by AirAsia RedQ.

Heading on to KLIA Highway.

Passing under the loop u-turn for KLIA and klia2.

Passing by Petronas KLIA.

Heading on to Lingkaran Putrajaya.

Entering the Putrajaya Toll Plaza.

I took a light nap on board the bus till I felt more frequent braking as a sign of approaching KL.

Approaching Mid Valley.

Passing by Mid Valley Megamall.

Heading on the right track to KL Sentral.

Passing over the KTM tracks and under the ERL tracks.

Heading into Jalan Tun Sambanthan from Jalan Syed Putra.

Passing by Kompleks Tun Sambanthan.

Passing by the main junction of Little India.

The welcoming sight of Brickfields which also means KL Sentral is near.

Turning in to KL Sentral.

KL Sentral

Turning into the bus berths at KL Sentral ground level.

My Airport Coach arrived at KL Sentral at 1.42pm, making this a total journey time of 57 minutes from klia2 to KL Sentral. Just 20 minutes difference if I had taken the 12.42pm to KL Sentral which would arrive at 1.22pm.

Disembarking from the Airport Coach.

Looking back at the interior of the bus with the lights on thanks to the nice driver who noticed that I was taking photos.

There are taxi touts after alighting from the bus.

Other Aerobus and Suasana Sutera buses await their next departure to klia2 and KLIA.

Heading to the escalator up to KL Sentral.

The welcoming sight of KL Sentral.


With a good departure timing, the airport buses from klia2 to KL Sentral offer a viable alternative to the KLIA Transit with a slight difference in journey time. In my case, it was just 20 minutes based on schedule, and 17 minutes if only taking the travel time. Do note that airport buses are subjected to usual road traffic, though the big difference in fares between the train and bus may also aid in your choice of transport despite the longer journey time of the airport bus.

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