AirAsia 1st Flight from Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur • AirAsia AK702 from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur klia2 by Airbus A330-300 Flight Review

First AirAsia Flight from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur klia2 by AirAsia AK702 Airbus A330-300

On 15 September 2022, AirAsia Group has moved operations back to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 after the terminal was closed to flying passengers for more than 2 years through the COVID-19 pandemic. With air travel very quickly recovering in Singapore, Terminal 4 has reopened once again, and I booked my ticket on the first flight to klia2 on AirAsia AK702 on 15 September 2022. As an added celebratory bonus, the first AirAsia T4 flight from and to klia2 on 15 September 2022 was operated by an AirAsia X Airbus A330-300.

Free Shuttle Bus to Terminal 4

Arriving by the MRT, I headed to catch the free shuttle bus to Terminal 4 from Terminal 3. The boarding area for the Changi Airport Terminal 4 Shuttle Bus is at T3 Departure Door 8, which is the closest door from the MRT escalators leading to the T3 Departure Hall.

A new AirAsia sticker has been added to the list of airlines operating in Terminal 4. Cathay Pacific and Korean Air had commenced operations on 13 September 2022.

A shuttle bus was waiting just as I got to T3 Departure Door 8.

Boarding the Changi Airport Terminal 4 Shuttle Bus at Terminal 3.

The interior of the Changi Airport Terminal 4 Shuttle Bus operated by a Woodlands Transport Scania K230UB.

Departing from Terminal 3.

Let’s hope I don’t get a H gate for my widebody flight to KL.

Hello again, Terminal 4. Good to have you in operation instead of a festive village to nowhere.

Arriving at T4 Departure Door 4.

The Changi Airport Terminal 4 Shuttle Bus alights passengers at T4 Departure Door 4 in the centre of the departure hall.

Heading into Terminal 4 to catch a flight after more than 2 years.

Terminal 4 Check-in

It was a celebratory mood in the Terminal 4 Departure Hall with AirAsia Group bringing a hive of activity with the many flights throughout the day. Lots of passengers were doing their check-in at Row 4, just like in the good old pre-corona days.

Printing out my boarding pass from the FAST Check-in kiosk.

My boarding pass for my AirAsia AK702 flight from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur klia2, the first flight out from Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur after reopening.

A pair of AirAsia cabin crew were also at the check-in row to welcome passengers back to Terminal 4.

AirAsia flights fill the departure board at Terminal 4 as travel is quickly recovering in the region.

The bag drops are also decorated with celebratory messages of AirAsia moving back to Terminal 4.

Terminal 4 Immigration & Security Screening

Heading to automated immigration and security screening.

A slight difference to security screening here, while laptops do not need to be removed from the bag, liquids must now be removed and placed on the tray separately.

Terminal 4 Transit Area

Entering the Transit Area 1 hour before departure, my AirAsia AK702 flight was already ready for boarding.

Heading through the fully-stocked duty-free shop.

The welcoming Transit Area of Terminal 4.

Most stores in the front part of the Transit Area are open.

Lots of seating are available in the Transit Area.

The stores after Steel in Bloom garden, however, are closed for now.

The landmark Heritage Zone at Terminal 4, inspired by Peranakan shophouses around Singapore.

The slide down to the H gates are now open without any scanning of boarding pass needed.

The slide is another way to travel to the H gates if escalators or lifts are too mainstream.

The chandelier is also open for playing.

Heading to Gate G18 directly since my flight was ready for boarding.

The Entertainment Corner is also open for playing.

G18 is a widebody contact gate at Terminal 4.

9M-XXZ would be flying me from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur klia2 by AirAsia AK702. Yes, that is an Airbus A330-300 that you are seeing.

Terminal 4 Automated Boarding

Heading for boarding at Gate G18.

Once through, AirAsia ground staff welcome each passenger with a goodie bag.

With AirAsia back at Terminal 4, it won’t be used as a storage area for much longer.

Heading down to the aerobridge.

Following the signs to Economy Class.

Heading down the aerobridge.

AirAsia X Airbus A330-300

Boarding my Airbus A330-300 ride to Kuala Lumpur.

The cabin of the AirAsia X Airbus A330-300.

My aisle seat at 28D.

The legroom on board the AirAsia X Airbus A330-300.

Advertisements are placed on the back of tray tables.

The AirAsia X logo is embossed on each seat back.

A coat hook is placed on the side of the seat.

Interestingly, there are 4 reading lights for 3 seats abreast. I hope Airbus isn’t giving ideas to airlines to have an allowance for a 3-4-3 configuration in future.

AirAsia Goodie Bag

And now the contents of the goodie bag which I’m very pleased with. The AirAsia goodie bag has 3 merchandises in it – AirAsia Aeroplane Nanoblock worth RM35, AirAsia Remove Before Flight Keychain (Black) worth RM18, and AirAsia “a” Signature Pop Socket worth RM9. All these for free from AirAsia as a thank you gift for flying out of Terminal 4 on their first flight to KL.

Despite being an Airbus A330-300 with around double the usual capacity of an Airbus A320, the flight was reasonably full with almost every row occupied.

Someone in the F seat decided to change seats towards the end of boarding, and I have my own self-declared Economy Class Premium Flatbed on this flight.

Despite being a low-cost airline, every Economy Class seat has an adjustable headrest on board the AirAsia X Airbus A330-300.

The clean toilet on board 9M-XXZ.

A win for AirAsia again, paper towels are provided by the sink instead of generic tissue paper which “melts” into wet hands.

Normal tissue paper is available by the top side of the mirror.

Hot food, snacks, and drinks are available despite the short flight.

AirAsia merchandise are also available.

Departure from Terminal 4 was delayed due to missing passengers. With Terminal 4’s reconciliation system, Changi Airport and AirAsia would know if the passenger had entered the immigration area. Interestingly, no passengers boarded after departure time, and the doors were closed 15 minutes after departure time at 10.00am. If the missing passengers only bought the ticket to roam around the transit area of T4, well, thanks for the delay, and I hope you get arrested for misuse of boarding pass.

My AirAsia AK702 departed from Singapore Changi Airport at 10.26am – 41 minutes late.

Snack 2 Go Box

As I did not eat breakfast and pre-booked only 1 meal, I decided to supplement my breakfast with a Snack 2 Go box for RM10.

The Snack 2 Go box was tightly packed with snacks and a drink.

The Snack 2 Go box (RM10) comes with a box of orange drink, KitKat 2 Finger Milk Chocolate bar, Munchy’s Oat Krunch Biscuit Dark Chocolate, and Double Decker Chicken Snack.

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

Another trolley brought along my pre-booked Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak. This costs s$4 online.

My very hearty breakfast on board AirAsia AK720.

The Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak looks a bit more pale than normal, but otherwise tasted exactly like how I know good Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak tastes like. AirAsia still wins the in-flight Nasi Lemak game around the region.

My AirAsia AK702 from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 landed at Kuala Lumpur klia2 at 11.11am – 16 minutes delayed.

This delay was supplemented by Malaysia Airports as the gate assigned to my flight was closed, and my plane could not enter the gate. Minutes were spent sitting on the taxiway waiting for Malaysia Airports ground staff to get to the gate.


Disembarking from the aircraft at 11.34pm, 23 minutes after landing.

Heading up the aerobridge.

Thank you 9M-XXZ for the widebody flight from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 to Kuala Lumpur klia2 by Airbus A330-300.

Oh there’s a lost member at the widebody gates.

Heading up to the arrivals level.

Gate P6

It was a slightly emotional moment for me when stepping out to the arrivals level as I just realised that I have stepped out of Gate P6 where I also alighted from my AirAsia VTL Flight when travel was restricted.

With travel recovering in the region, with masks not required indoors in Singapore and Malaysia, with the re-opening of Terminal 4, the traffic jams on the taxiway to Runway 20L to depart from Singapore, the enhanced capacity of this flight to an A333 and still flying more than 180 passengers, indeed, normalcy is returning.

This celebratory restart of T4 is like a victory flight over the VTL rules and regulations just half a year ago.

Walking through the waiting area of PCR test results in the VTL. While passengers file through at speed to race to immigration, I took a slower walk here to remember that this 7-second walkthrough used to take me almost 3 hours.

This was the VTL victory where you showed your negative PCR test to the staff and scan the MySejahtera QR code. Today, this victory has been forgotten with passengers taking travel for granted once again.

Taking the series of travellators to immigration.

Heading onto the Skybridge soon.

Continuing on the travellators.

Taking the escalator up to the Skybridge.

Trolleys are available here.

A buggy service is also available for those who require it, at 10-minute frequencies.

Heading on the travellator walk to immigration.

Spotting a MYAirline aircraft from up above.

Continuing on more travellators.

Heading down to immigration.

What a weird welcome with people sitting in front of the backdrop.

klia2 Immigration

The queue at Malaysia immigration was reasonably fast with a second section opened just as I descended from the escalator.

klia2 Baggage Reclaim

Baggage reclaim was at Belt 9.

klia2 Customs

Heading out through customs without a hitch.

Another great welcome to Malaysia with AirAsia.

Heading out to gateway@klia2.

Continuing on to the bus terminal to continue my journey into the city.

Heading down to the bus terminal by the travellator beside FamilyMart.


It was yet another pleasant flight with AirAsia, this time with the experience starting right at the check-in row as cabin crew were welcoming AirAsia passengers back to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4. The goodie bag was another pleasant surprise to get passengers in the celebratory mood as not everyone seem to know that it was going to be the inaugural flight to KL from T4 with AK702.

It was also a very pleasant AirAsia flight with a whole row to myself on a widebody jet on a short flight, and on-board meals were delicious and filling. And special for me as this was my first AirAsia X Airbus A330-300 flight ever.

It’s a significant milestone moment in aviation recovery for Singapore and airlines in the region, and I hope this will remain forever.

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