Hostel Review: Alex 30 Hostel Stuttgart Bed in 4-Bed Male Dormitory

Alex 30 Hostel Stuttgart

Alex 30 Hostel is a hostel in Stuttgart, Germany, located adjacent to Olgaeck station on the Stuttgart Stadtbahn, just 3 short stops away from Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof. I booked a stay here as it was one of the cheapest options in Stuttgart which was conveniently located in the city.

The façade of Alex 30 Hostel. The hostel is located in front of the light rail tracks for the Stuttgart Stadtbahn U15 line to Ruhbank (Fernsehturm) and Heumaden via the old hilly route.

Heading in to Alex 30 Hostel.

The main entrance is open during regular operating hours, with a night entrance located next to it from 8pm to 8am.

The check-in desk of Alex 30 Hostel. Check-in was fuss-free as I had already booked online directly on their website.

There is a bar just beside the check-in desk which sells the first bottle of beer to hostel guests at only €1, which is great for a German welcome drink.

Alex 30 Hostel Bed in 4-Bed Male Dormitory

My booked Bed in 4-Bed Male Dormitory turned out to have only 3 beds inside which was nice. When entering the room, only 1 bed was taken up.

No bunk number was assigned, just the room number. Both levels of the bunk bed were available, so naturally I took the lower bunk.

Each bunk has a small shelf, along with a reading light and 2 2-pin Europlug power sockets.

On the other end of the room, there is a seating area and tall lockers for each guest.

The locker is operated with your own lock on the empty latch provided on the locker door.

Toilets are located outside the room. I was lucky to have 1 just opposite my room on the corridor.

Standing showers are also in a separate room, down the corridor. The shower is separated into wet and dry areas which was convenient. Do note that there are no toilets in the shower.

A notice board provides guest with essential information such as the WiFi password.

Laundry can be done at a nearby laundromat about 900 meters away from Alex 30 Hostel.


Overall, I had a simple and pleasant stay at Alex 30 Hostel. The staff were really friendly and the lower bunk bed was sufficiently comfortable. There was also lots of space in the room as there were only 3 beds, and I had no upper neighbour on my first night.

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